Airtel Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s telecommunications giant with a very large user base and broad network connection. They currently have the 3rd largest number of mobile internet users/subscribers in Nigeria, behind MTN and Glo, according to the last statistics released by the NCC.

There’s been a steady rise in the number of internet subscribers Airtel Nigeria have monthly, this can be largely attributed to their cheap 2G Data subscriptions at reasonable prices. This 2G Data subscription is also extended to Android Users who wish to subscribe to the package, which we would explain to you on how to subscribe to it in this article.

However, this article is not limited to the 2G subscriptions, because they also have reasonable normal data subscription with bonuses exclusively for Android users.


How To Subscribe On Airtel Data Plans For Android:

Airtel has five(5) different data bundles for Android devices with 30 days validity period, each with various data volumes and prices designed to meet your internet needs for a month. They are listed below:



This bundle comes with a data volume of 1.5GB with a 30 days validity period.

Price: N1,000

To Subscribe: simply dial *496#.



This bundle comes with more than double the data volume of ANDROID 1.0 plan. For N2,000 you get 3.5GB worth if data valid for 30 days.

Price: N2,000

How to subscribe: simply dial *437#.


Android 2.5:

This data bundle comes with 5.0GB worth of data also valid for 30 days, with just N500 being the price difference between it and the Android 2.0 plan.

Price: N2,500

How to subscribe: simply dial *437*1#.


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This plan has a data volume of 7GB for you to do more on your android device. It also has a month’s validity period.

Price: N3,500

How To Subscribe: simply dial *438#



The last but obviously not the least is the ANDROID 4.0 plan that comes with 9.0GB data volume. It has more data cap than the rest and costs more.

Price: N4,000

How to subscribe: simply dial *438*1#


NB: If any of this Android data bundles does not suit your taste and you want data subscriptions that more or less validity period with lesser or more Data Volumes, simply dial *141# on your phone.

Meanwhile, did you know you can get a 50% added data bonus for ANDROID 1.0, 2.0 and 3.5 for your first subscription and renewals? This is made possible with the Airtel Triple Surf offer.

To enjoy the Triple Surf offer simply dial *141# and select Triple Surf Offer before your first subscription to any of the plans. This means you get 2.25GB when you subscribe to Android 1.0, 5.25GB when you subscribe to ANDROID 2.0 and 10.5GB when you subscribe to Android 3.5GB plan under the Triple Surf Offer.


How To Subscribe To AIRTEL 2G Data Plans:

This is one of Airtel Nigeria’s fastest growing data plans, with thousands of internet users subscribing to it weekly, Android users included. It has two various plans with¬† “Unlimited” data volumes, but different validity period:


10 Days Validity Period:

Price: N200

To subscribe: dial *482*1#


25 Days Validity Period:

Price: N500

To subscribe: dial *472*2#

The only downside to the 2G pack is that it can only be used with 2G network i.e Edge (E) network on your phones and it is not as fast as the 3G Network.


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