Airtel BlackBerry Subscription: How To Migrate To Different Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s telecommunications giant with a very large user base and broad network coverage.

They currently have the 3rd largest number of mobile internet subscribers in Nigeria, behind Glo and MTN, according to the last statistics released by the NCC. The statistics also covers their Blackberry Internet users’ database.


Airtel is one of the few telecommunications company in Nigeria that still have an active Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) subscription in Nigeria. Etisalat and Glo have deactivated their BIS subscriptions, so if you’re looking to subscribe for a BIS plan for your Blackberry device, Airtel is your sure bet right now.


How to Subscribe For Airtel Blackberry Internet Plans

Airtel Nigeria currently have two BlackBerry packages that you can select from, with each having unique benefits, bundles, prices and validity periods to suit your need.


Airtel BB Unlimited Subscription Package

This is a very unique Blackberry package from Airtel as it is not just available for Blackberry phones, but it can be used on BB10 Phones, Android OS phones, Apple devices and even modems. It is slightly more expensive than the other Airtel Blackberry package even though they have almost the same data volume and validity period and the obvious reason for this would be because it is usable on all devices. See the plans below:


BB Unlimited Monthly

Price: N1,500

Data Volume: 3GB

Validity Period: 30 Days

How to subscribe: Simply dial *440*16#


BB Unlimited Weekly

Price: N525

Data Volume: 200MB

Validity Period: 7 Days

How to subscribe: Simply dial *440*17#


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BB Unlimited Daily

Price: N100

Data Volume: 40MB

Validity Period: 1 Day

How to subscribe: Simply dial *440*18#


Airtel BB Complete Package

This is the second Airtel Blackberry package and like we hinted earlier it is only available for Blackberry phones i.e it cannot be used on any other device asides from blackberry OS7 phones. It is cheaper than the BB Unlimited package with similar data volumes and validity period. So if you’re using a BlackBerry OS7 phone, you might want to stick with this bundle.


BB Complete Monthly

Price: N1,000

Data Volume: 3GB

Validity Period: 30 Days

How to subscribe: Simply dial *440*1#


BB Complete Weekly

Price: N400

Data Volume: 100MB

Validity Period: 7 Days

How to subscribe: Simply dial *440*2#


BB Complete Daily

Price: N100

Data Volume: 10MB

Validity Period: 1 Day

How to subscribe: Simply dial *440*3#


NB: BlackBerry 10 OS subscription has been deactivated by Airtel, the BlackBerry complete package cannot be used on BB10 phones, but BB10 users can subscribe for the BlackBerry Unlimited package and it would work seamlessly on their phones.


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    please help o after even dailing the *440*3# thiny they still bring out another option which do I pick for a complete blackberry data o

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      I just subscribed for blackberry complete data and I’m using an Android phone. how do I opt out plz.

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    these airtel bundles are very good..
    thanks to you airtel……

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    i just subscribed to BlackBerry airtel data mistakenly but i use Android. how do i opt out.

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    I use airtel blackberry complete and want to migrate to normal data plans.

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