The rate at which people loose their smartphone devices this days is alarming. It’s no surprise that tracking down your stolen phone is now something you can do yourself.

There are different ways to track a stolen phone in Nigeria. Here are the most efficient ways,

1. Google search

  • If your device is  linked to your Google account, you can track your phone by simply typing “find my phone”
  • select the first search result.
  • Locate your device (if the device is signed into your Google account, you can locate it. You can equally do a lot of things like set up password, call the phone even if it is set to silent)

Of course, your device needs to be signed into your Google account and connected to the internet to do this. The only downside to this, is that Google sends a notification to your phone after your device has been located which Isn’t helpful if your phone is stolen.

2. Third party apps: Android Device Manager (ADM).

The Android Device Manager can tell the locations of phones if the following are put in place;

  • Google account: your device must be connected to your Google account.
  • Internet: the stolen device must be connected to the internet.
  • Locations: your Locations must be turned on your device.

How To Track Your Phone:

  • Visit  on your computer or laptop. Or download on play store “ find my device” app on another phone.
  • Sign into your Google account.
  • Select stolen device.

Its as simple as that. You are automatically in control of your phone.

You can do the following;

  • You can lock your phone with a pin, pattern, password. (You can write please return this device, call this number if this device is found etc. )
  • You can make the phone ring even if the device is in silence or vibrate.
  • Lastly you can erase personal information from the device.

ADM can only tell you the last place your device was seen, if Your device is switched off.

however, there are other phone easier  like;

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3. IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity number

This is the most reliable way to track a stolen phone. The IMEI number can never be changed and still operate if your phone is turned off or has been turned back to factory settings (meaning all the traces leading to you has been lost). You will need the help of a law enforcement agency and your network provider. IMEI is a 15 digit identity number found on the pack and battery or back cover of mobile phones. It is very important that you keep the pack of your phone or write down your IMEI number in a save place, just incase your phone gets stolen.

Things To Do When Your Phone Gets Stolen

  • Firstly, contact your service providers.
  • Request for a block on your IMEI number.

Once you have done that, the phone cannot be used to make calls or do any other thing in any part of the country.

How To Find The IMEI Number On Android Phones And iPhones

  • How to find IMEI number on Android
  • If your phone gets stolen, it is very important to contact your service provider as quick as possible and request that your IMEI number is blocked.  Once the IMEI number is blocked, no one will be able to make or receive calls, send or receive text messages with your phone on any network in that country.

By doing this, your data is secure even when your phone has been stolen.

1.Check the pack of your phone.

2. Check behind the  battery of your phone.

 3.Dial *#06#

4. Check device settings (settings<< phone settings)

  • How To Find IMEI Number On iPhone?
    • On the pack of the phone.
    • On the device settings
    • Apple ID account
    • At the back of the phone and on the Sim tray.
    • Type *#06#

How To Track Lost Phones With IMEI Tracker App?

 IMEI phone tracker app which can be found online, is a free phone tracking app used for tracking your stolen device at no extra cost.

Step1: Download  and install the IMEI tracker app on another smartphone.

Step2: Write the phone numbers of important people ( like business partners, family, close friends). Even if your Sim card isn’t in your phone a message will be sent to them, to notify them that your device has been stolen. Impressive right?

Step3: Fill in your IMEI number of the stolen device.

Step4: Track!. Here, the exact location of your device will be revealed to you.

It’s as simple as that!

I bet you didn’t know it’s this easy.


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