MTN IPulse is a plan by MTN Nigeria that comes with a lot of cool benefits like cheap call and SMS rates, free weekly data, and so much more.


Let Us Look At The Benefits Of MTN ipulse Plan

Call Rates: Once you subscribe to this plan your calls to all networks in Nigeria would be charged at 15k/s and 11k/s respectively, but this is after you 1st minute for the day is charged at 40k/s.


How It Works

To enjoy calls at 11k/s or 15k/s to MTN lines only your first minute for a day would be charged at 40k/s. So also, if you wish to enjoy calls at 11k/s or 15k/s to other networks, your first minute to other networks for a day would be charged at 40k/s.

The first 1st minute at 40k/s you used to call MTN lines in a day wouldn’t count when you call other networks in Nigeria, you must also use another 40k/s for your 1st minute to call other networks and vice versa.


Calls are charged at 11k/s when you’re within campuses in Nigeria (Ipulse Zone) and 15k/s when you’re outside the Ipulse Zone.


SMS Rates

You enjoy a discounted rate to send SMS to all networks in Nigeria at N2 when you’re in the Ipulse zone and N4 to all networks when you’re not in the ipulse zone.


Other Benefits On This Plan

  1. Free 10MB data every week after loading a minimum of 100 naira for each week.
  2. FREE Diamond Yello Account upon migration.
  3. Free happy our calls within campus zone (without 100 naira balance)
  4. and so much more.


However, this plan has been replaced by the MTN Pulse Plan and they both have the same subscription code, which is *406#, if you dial *406# you’d migrated to the MTN Pulse plan. And MTN Pulse has more benefits compared to the Ipulse Plan.


About MTN Pulse, How To Subscribe And All You Need To Know

MTN Pulse is the plan MTN used to replace the IPulse Plan and it is arguably one of the best MTN tariffs out there right now with a large amount of MTN customers subscribed to this plan. It has huge benefits from affordable call rates to all networks, to free bonus data, to affordable data plans and lots more.


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Benefits of MTN Pulse Tariff

MTN Pulse Tariff has various attractive benefits that makes it so desirable ranging from Data to voice and lots more.


Discounted Call Rates At 11k Per Second

Once you migrate to the MTN pulse tariff plan, you automatically qualify to enjoy the benefit of calling all networks in Nigeria at a discounted rate of 11k/s at daily fee of N10, but there’s a trick to it.


What You Need To Know About This Plan

Immediately you migrate to the MTN pulse tariff plan your calls would be charged at 20k/s as soon as you begin to call and it would be accumulated.

As you continue to make calls to all networks in Nigeria, your accumulated minutes for the day would continue to increase and once you hit the N10 daily fee charge with your calls charged at 20k/s, your calls for the rest of the day would automatically be charged at 11k/s.

So it is not like N10 would be removed from your account daily whether you make calls or not, the N10 daily fee would only apply as you make calls at 20k/s. It’s a win win situation right? Yeah!

At 20k/s you only need to make 50 secs worth of call in a day to hit the N10 mark and from that moment you’d be charged 11k/s.


How To Migrate To MTN iPulse Tariff

“406 na the code!” That’s title of MTN Pulse song which like we stated earlier is the code for migrating to the plan.

Simply dial *406# on your phone to migrate to this plan or send 406 to 131.


Free Weekly 10MB or 20MB Data

You’ll be given a free weekly 10MB data on every N100 recharge you make in seven(7) days, but if you recharge from N200 and above you’ll be given 20MB worth of data instead for 7 days.


What You Need To Know

If you exhaust the 10MB or 20MB worth of data bonus given to you before 7 days, you wouldn’t be able to get another free 10MB or 20MB data until you have elapsed the 7 days mark.


1GB Data For N500

The N500 for 1GB data is only available on MTN Pulse.


What You Need To Know

Once you’re on the MTN Pulse plan instead of being given the normal 500MB data for N500, you’ll be given 1GB worth of data instead.

The data is only valid for 7 days, so it is best you make good use of the data.

To subscribe for this plan simply dial *406*2*2# or send 103 to 131.


500MB For N25 On MTN Night Plan Or Happy Hour

This plan is only exclusive to MTN Pulse also. As an MTN Sulse subscriber you get to enjoy N25 for 500MB.


What You Need To Know

You can only use your MTN Night plan between the hours of 12:00am and 4:00am.

You can’t subscribe for the night plan more than once in a night. You can only use 500MB for a night, once it is exhausted you can’t resubscribe that same night. You’ll have to wait till the next day in order for you to be able resubscribe for the plan.

To subscribe for the night plan, simply send “Night” without the quotes to 131 or dial *406# and follow the screen prompts on the USSD Menu to subscribe for the plan.



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