9Mobile formerly Etisalat is one of Nigeria’s largest and most popular telco. It is renowned for the excellent customer service, pocket friendly call rate and high qualty data services. It is also one of the most stable and reliable telecommunications network data and service provider. With as little as #500, you can enjoy superb data services and affordable call rates. Lets check out some of 9Mobile plans available for just #500.


9Mobile Data And Voice Plans For Just #500

  1. 500MB Data: This is an internet bundle that offers 500MB valid for 30days. To subscribe for this offer, just dial *229*2*12#. The plan can be renewed automatically once you have up to #500 in your call account. Unused data can also be rolled over to the next month if auto renewed. It costs just #500
  2. 500MB Smartphone Plan: Popularly called “Smarta”, this plan offers 500MB of data and call rate of 20 kobo per second to all Nigeria networks valid for 30 days. To subscribe for this plan, just dial *229*2*11#. The plan costs #500 only. To opt out of the plan, dial *229*0#.
  3. 3Days Video Pak: This plan offers 3 hours per day plus 3 free nights for video streaming. To subscribe just dial *253*1#.
  4. Weekly Smart Chatpak: This plan is excellent for social media gurus. It offers 1.5GB of data plus unlimited access to Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, BBM and Twitter for 7 days. To subscribe dial *343*5*10#.
  5. 1GB for Weekend: This is another internet bundle that offers 1GB for the whole weekend to surf the internet, download and browse at will. To subscribe, dial *5995*2#. The plan is valid from Friday 11.59 pm- Sunday 11. 59 pm on weekends only.


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  1. 1.5GB Monthly Plan: This plan offers 1.5GB of data valid for 30 days. It can be used on smartphones, tablets, Iphones and personal computers. It costs #1200 and can be used on any device and personal conputer. To subscribe, dial *229*2*25#.


  1. 1GB Night Plan: This plan offers data for just one day between 12am- 5pm for just #200. To subscribe, dial *229*3*11#.


  1. 2.5GB Data Plan: This plan offers 2.5GB data valid for 30 days for #2000. The data can be used all day and all night on any device. To subscribe, dial *229*2*8#


  1. 4GB Data Plan: This plan offers 4GB of data valid for 30 days. The data can be used all day and all night . To subscribe, dial *229*2*7#


  1. 5GB Data Plan: This plan is a nights and weekends only data plan that is valid from 7 pm- 7 am every night and weekend for 30 days. It cost #2000. To subscribe, dial *229*3*13#.


  1. 9Mobile Easyflex plan: This plan offers bonus #1,500 for voice calls and 75MB for data and is valid for 7 days. To subscribe, dial *344*500#.


  1. 9Mobile EasyCliq: This plan offers bonus on incoming calls, free night calls and 50MB on every #500 recharge. To subscribe, dial *244*1#.


– To check your 9Mobile data balance, dial *228#


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