With the introduction Of Glo Flexi and other innovation Globacom is no doubt Nigeria’s biggest indigenous network and they’ve over the years made use the use of mobile network services better for Nigerians, in terms of phone call and data subscription service. They were the first to introduce per second billing of phone calls in Nigeria when other network were adamant about it not being possible, they also currently have the cheapest data in Nigeria. They currently lead other telecommunications networks in Nigeria in terms of the amount of mobile internet subscribers that they have on their network, when compared to other networks in Nigeria, this is largely due to their cheap and affordable data and their constant innovations aimed at giving Nigerians the best always.

They recently just introduced another mind blowing plan called the “Glo Flexi” plan. This plan makes it possible for you as a Glo subscriber to easily use your recharge for data and voice the way you like. You’re literally in more control of what you do with your recharge than before.


What You Need To Know About Glo Flexi

It is a one-step solution where your main account credit can be used for either voice or data as you like it. The Flexi Recharge allows you to use Voice as per profile I.e your calls are charged as per call rate charges of the Glo tariff plan you’re currently in.


Data Plan On Glo Flexi

Data is charged at the rate of N1 per mb i.e N1 = 1MB. So if you’re to load N100 credit, you can use it for up to 100MB worth of data and so on.


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How To Subscribe Or Migrate To Glo Flexi

This plan is purely a default plan, as a Glo subscriber to any of their tariff plans, you’re already a part of this new innovation from Glo by default. So you do not need to dial any subscription code to migrate to this plan.


How To Use The Plan

This plan automatically sets in by default when you have no data plan or if your current data plan has expired. It works just like PayG Data, so per mb that you use, you’ll be charged N1 from your main credit account.

You can’t use your bonus credit or account to enjoy the Glo Flexi plan, you wouldn’t be charged N1 per mb, it would cost you more.


To Recharge Your Line

You do not have to use any special code to recharge, just recharge your line using the normal method – *123*Recharge pin#.


To Know Data Charges:

Notifications would be sent to your line after each data session. The notification would provide you with details on how your credit was deducted per data session.

NB: Data service benefit from Flexi recharge cannot be gifted or shared.



  1. have data plane but they still collect Felix from why Pls u guys should stop

  2. please bring back the PAYU ,have had enough of this felix

  3. I don’t really like this flexi, and I can’t even unsubscribe for it. Am switching to my mtn

  4. Please,i don’t like this glo flexi. How will I migrate to another glo bundles

    1. Hi Yomi,
      There are other plans you can migrate to. Kindly check under the glo category for other plans.


  5. How do I. Deactivate flexi. I have data but I’m still charged. From my account.

    1. Hi Deexaa,
      Please call the customer service for proper assistance on this.

      1. its not working

  6. Ameen Abdurasheed Oladare

    Please i don’t like this flexi plan how will i have data and their Still deducting my money from the balance pls stop it

  7. Oh glo you are too much, keep it up for the betterment of the universe

  8. i dont want glo flexi rate. if i exhaust my data please dont start deducting money in my account in d name of flexi rate. i dont want flexi rate. wat code should i use in opting out please.???

  9. i dont want glo flexi rate. if i exhaust my data please dont start deducting money in my account in d name of flexi rate. i dont want flexi rate. wat code should i use in opting out please.???

    1. Dial *108*2# to opt out,
      off flexi and check data bal or flexi bal.

      1. Admin,
        I want to opt out from glo flexi.
        I have tried opting out with this code: *108*2# but the response is “dear customer your subscription is active ”
        Admin, action sought : deactivate me from Glo flexi cos it’s like a day light robbery and enough of this “flexi “


        Please disactivate this number from glory flexi- rate. Thanks.

  10. This is not fair glo. How can u deduct my airtime under glo flexi while my data bundle is still on. It’s all about u and not ur customers.

  11. how can I do a 1000 naira subscription on the 24th and the subscription expired on the 26th and your customer care tells me it depends on the files I opened. Which kind file be that? How large can the file be? I do not even have Instagram on the tab. Na Facebook I open and 1000 naira subscriptions finish. I use my MTN always to open everything and never experienced this trash. Now my credit is being deducted in the name of Flexi. I’ve not subscribed to your network for only God knows how long and when I did this what I get. Una weldone o. Bye to Glo let me continue with my MTN. I go remove una SIM card throway go buy AIRTEL because this is serious daylight robbery .

  12. Why should you glo put people by default on the flexi plan if not for the intention of defrauding them. That’s why I can never ever use glo.

  13. pls how can I go back to Glo flexi recherg? currently am on Glo yakata.

  14. Plz deactivate me from glo flexi as soon as possible

  15. I need to deactivate this glo flexi

  16. Code for flexi plan pls

  17. Please help me deactivate this so called Glo flexi,any time I try to option out the respond is ur account is dear customer ur subscription is active pls deactivate my account

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