Airtel SmartConnect tariff plan is one of the most exciting packages on Airtel right now with the amazing and the type of unreal bonus customers gets on each recharge.

Imagine being able to get N800 worth of airtime bonus when you recharge your phone with just N100! Thinking if that’s possible? Yes it is possible with Airtel’s SmartConnect tariff plan.

As a subscriber on this plan you’re given 250% bonus for voice calls and it has other bonuses that isn’t limited to voice calls, but also data and social media and other exciting bonuses.

This is Airtel’s newest and most popular tarrif plan also known as “OVAJARA”, with a very aggressive and popular advertisement campaign.


What You Need To Know About This Plan

When you load any recharge card on your line from N100 and above, you’re given certain percentage of bonuses on your line to call, browse and do a lot of other things and this is asides your main bonus in your account. Here are the percentage(s) allotted:


Main Account Credit – Normal Recharge Value

Bonus Credit Voice – 250%

Bonus Credit Data – 250%

Bonus Credit Family and friends – 100%

Bonus Credit WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM – 100%.

So that’s a total of 700% bonus that you get on each recharge.



For N100 you get:

Bonus Credit (250%): N250

Bonus Credit Data(250%): N250

Bonus Credit family & friends(100%): N100

Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM (100%) : N100


For N200 you get

Bonus Credit (250%): N500

Bonus Credit Data (250%): N500

Bonus Credit family & friends (100%): N200

Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM (100%): N200.


For N500 You Get

Bonus Credit (250%): N1,250

Bonus Credit Data (250%): N1,250

Bonus Credit family & friends (100%): N500

Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM (100%): N500


For N1,000

Bonus Credit (250%): N2,500

Bonus Credit Data (250%): N2,500

Bonus Credit family & friends (100%): N1,000

Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM (100%): N1,000


And so on for each and any kind of recharge you make on your line.


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Other Things You Need To Know

These bonuses are quite juicy and very attractive, but it comes with a seven(7) days validity period. Once you exceed the 7 days validity period, all your bonus credit would cease to exist, but your main account balance or main recharge value would still be there.

However, you can enjoy what is left of your current bonus, recharge before the 7 day expiry date and you will enjoy what’s left of your previous bonus and the new bonus.

When you load a recharge card on your line, every phone call, SMS you send would be deducted from your bonus accounts and not your main account. It is when you must have exhausted all your bonus, that you’ll be charged on your main account.

Subscription for data, ring back tunes and other additional subscriptions are charged from your main account, leaving the bonus account for you to make calls, send text messages, browse the internet and for social media PayG data.

Let’s say you load a N1,000 recharge card and you wish to subscribe for a data plan or any other subscription. You’ll be charged from your main balance and not the bonus account, you’ll be able to use the bonus recharge to make phone calls.


How To Check Your Account Balance

You can check your main account and bonus accounts balance by dialing *123#.


How To Migrate To This Plan

This tariff is Airtel’s default tariff for new users who buy their and register their sim cards. So if you buy a new Airtel Sim, you’re automatically a subscriber to this plan, unless you migrate to another plan yourself and you can’t migrate back.

However, if you’re existing Airtel user and you aren’t on the plan, you can still get up to 400% bonuses on your recharge with the Airtel Talk more package by dialing *311#, which would send you this prompt:

“Enjoy 400% bonus on EVERY RECHARGE OF N200 and above. Recharge via *126*1*PIN# to enjoy a 400% bonus to make calls to ALL NETWORKS”.



  1. Ate Kang, Tambari

    Airtel welcome tariff plan (Smart Connect 2.0) is the best. Wow! My data is 145Mb and my bonus data is 153mb, this worth more than enjoyment. I can watch YouTube online videos without checking.

    My Brother and Sister reading this, i am not doing promotion but telling you the truth of what i am receiving. Airtel, the best network ever.

  2. am new to it


    1. Hi,
      Please dial 111 on your phone and follow the prompt message to migrate.

  4. Hi, please how can i migrate to this plan?

  5. pls hw can migrate to this plan

  6. pls how can i migrate to this plan

  7. there’s no migration code on here. the plan I’m on really sucks.

  8. pls I need free MB how do I get it?

  9. Am an old subscriber who will want to migrate to smart connect since my sim is not on smart connect default. You said old sim can still enjoy 400 percent Bonus on VOICE but u were silent on DATA.
    Does it mean old sims that migrate do not get bonus on data.


  10. please i migrate to 6x bonus but can’t Magriate back to 8x bonus please tell me how to migrate to 8x bonus back

  11. how can I migrate to smart connect?

  12. Horlarmielehkan

    How can I migrate back to smart connect?

  13. Ogundipe Samuel Idowu

    I just bought Airtel Sim but and I’m on Airtel smart connect 6.0, but f&f bonus is not been given to me and Airtel to Airtel bonus. how can I get it

  14. Rabiu Musa Mai Jarida Kofar wambai

    3g great 4G is better
    Please I need 5G in Nigeria

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