Airtel also called the Smartphone network represents one of the best networks in Nigeria and is the third largest telecommunication company after MTN and GLO. Airtel internet bundle is also the second cheapest after Glo data plan. Airtel is the only network that presents unlimited internet plans which works on all devices whether BlackBerry, IPhone, tablet, laptop, android devices and so on. Airtel presents a rich bouquet of data bundles to meet your internet needs anytime and anywhere. One unique thing about airtel is that they have a broad bandwidth and always developing faster and easier means to improve. Airtel internet connection is also very fast in terms of surfing the internet, downloading and catching up on social media.


  1. 350MB for #300: This is called the Airtel Entry plan and it offers subscribers 350MB valid for 7days. It is ideal for folks who are not online allday and for folks who are not so much into social media chatting. You can download and browse the internet as you wish. To migrate dial *417#
  2. 750MB for #500: This is called the Airtel Easy Internet Bundle and personally i think its the best data plan ever. With just #500, you can browse the internet for 14days unbound. This is far better and more than double the 350MB weekly plan. Great right? I think so too!. To migrate dial *418#


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  1. 250MB for #300: This plan is ideal for folks who go online to read the news. With 250MB you can read the news online and catch up with friends and family on Facebook. It is valid for 25days. To migrate dial *555*1#.
  2. 1GB for #500: This plan is only available for subscribers on the smartTRYBE tariff. Here, you get 1GB for #500 valid for 7days to surf the internet, download, live stream and catch up with friends and family. To migrate dial *312#. By pressing this USSD code you automatically change to SmartTRYBE tariff and also qualify for the 1GB for #500.
  3. Unlimited data for #500 only: This plan is only available on the 2G network (Edge only) and cannot work on 3G or 4G lite network. For folks who don’t mind the slow internet speed it is just perfect. It offers unlimited internet access to surf the net, download and catch up with friends and family and it is valid for 25 days. To migrate dial *482*2#


To check your data balance on any of these plans stated above, just dial *140# or *223#


Benefits Of Airtel Weekly Plan

– Fast, convenient and available

-Cheap and pocket easy

– Extra fast internet speed

– Offers good use of your money

– Available in 2G, 3G and 4G lite. Just choose your choice


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