The Nigerian indigenous telecommunications giant, Globacom has launched another promo for her run away customers. This time, Glo is set to welcome back all such customers with airtime and data goodies. Are you one of those customers? You may like to enjoy this welcome back package on offer by Glo. Don’t be late to the party, simply read this article till the end to know how to take advantage of this offer.


How Welcome Back Offer Works

The Welcome Back Offer is designed to both reward and bring back customers whose lines have been inactive for more than thirty (30) days. Such customers will be rewarded with N6,000 worth of airtime. That sounds incredible right? Let me show you how!


To take advantage of this great offer, simply pick up your old glo SIMs or SIMs out of phone for more than 30 days and insert it in a mobile device. You should get a welcome back message after a while as well as the offer message. Well, if you don’t get the SMS on time, please relax for a while, it will definitely come. All prepaid customers irrespective of their tariff plan can get the bonus as long as it is more than 30 days the line has been used. Please note that the bonus is accessible by recharging your line. As you recharge, you will get the bonus and it will definitely get to N6000.


If you wish to get the N6000 airtime bonus at a go, simply recharge N1000 but you can get the airtime bonus gradually by recharging at least N100. If you recharge N100, you will get N600 bonus which will be deducted from the N6000 airtime bonus with data bonus. The next time you recharge another amount, you will get the bonus until you exhaust the whole N6000 offer.

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Bonus Available On Each Recharge Card Denomination

Each recharge card denomination has certain amount of bonus airtime it can get. For instance, if you recharge N100, you will get total credit of N600 while a N200 recharge will give N1200 and N500 recharge will get N3000. N1000 airtime recharge will produce N6000 bonus. Recharge higher than N1000 voucher will not get more than N6000.


Validity And Codes

The airtime bonus is valid for 30 days and the balance can be viewed by dialingĀ  #122*35# on an active glo line. Customers may dial #122*34# to confirm if they have the welcome back offer. So whether or not you get the SMS, you can simply dial the code to check.


For further details about the welcome back package, simply reach out to customer service on 121. Do not forget to try this on your deserted glo SIM especially those out of use for 30 days or more and if you are already enjoying this welcome back package, you may share your experience in the comment box below.


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