The 9mobile network has released the time bomb promo offer. Its really a Super Recharge Bonus Offer for both New and existing customers. Do you have a 9mobile New SIM or do you intend buying one soon? You had better get one now and get on board to catch the bonus.


This airtime recharge bonus is called Super Bonus Offer. This recharge bonus offers ten times (10X) of the amount you recharge. This airtime recharge bonus is only given on your First Recharge of the day. The airtime bonus can be used for both calls and internet connection. For me, this offer is the real deal because you can talk more on airtime bonus. You also get more connected and download more with your bonus. So, what are you waiting for? Get a new SIM and catch the offer.


Offer For Existing Customers

Interestingly, if you are an existing customer, you are not cut off in this bountiful offer. Here is the deal for existing customers, you get seven times (7X) of your first recharge for calls. This is not available for all existing customers, its only for customers on easystarter, talkzone, easycliq and cliqlite. So if you want to catch up with this offer, you may migrate to any of these plans.

Additional Package

There is an additional gift that comes on this super bonus. This additional bonus is for new SIM. New customers will get seven times (7X) of their daily recharge for the second and third months. Isn’t that wonderful? It means if you are a new customer on 9mobile network and you opt in for the super bonus offer, you will be on abundant airtime for three (3) consecutive months.


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Bonus Validity

This super bonus offers up to N10,000 worth of credit per day that can be used for calls and browsing. This bonus is valid for seven (7) days for voice calls and one (1) day for data bonus. For existing customers, the airtime bonus is valid for thirty (30) days.


Subscription Code

To get on board on the super bonus offer, simply dial *819*1# on an active 9mobile line. This is irrespective of whether its a new or old line. The same code will get you on board.


Please note that you don’t have to recharge with a special code. Recharge with the normal code and you will have the bonus. Also, do not forget that it only for the first recharge of the day. New customers will not get data bonus in the second and third months. Finally, put it in mind that the bonus is available for grasp everyday for three months and one month for new and old customers respectively.


For further enquiry, please call customer service on 200 for free from a 9mobile number. You may as well walk into any experience center for more details.


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