Thinking of an app to manage your Android device? Or do you wish to get your Android device in optimal working condition at all time? If your answer is yes, you may need to consider Mobogenie app. So in this piece, we shall discuss Mobogenie app, its features and how it can help you to manage your phone effectively.


What is Mobogenie App?

Mobogenie app is a freeware  designed to assist Android users manage their mobile device from a PC. With Mobogenie app, you can manage any Android device easily. There are other features available on Mobogenie app that will definitely enhance the utility and productivity of your Android device.


With Mobogenie app, you can download new apps through its library. You can as well update your apps. All at one click. Mobogenie app gets more than a million new apps and games with their updates addition on a daily basis. Lots of people are beginning to consider Mobogenie app as a better alternative of Google play store.


For the lovers of music and other videos, Mobogenie app is a better option for both new releases and hits from the past of both audio tracks, musical videos and several other videos. These are added on a daily basis as well.


Interestingly, Mobogenie app can also be used to root your Android device. At one click, you can root several Android models.


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Features Of Mobogenie app

There are a number of features that Mobogenie app offers that are made available to enhance good Android experience. This include:

  1. The backup and restoration of Android files
  2. SMS messenger chat features available
  3. Availability of videos, ringtones, wallpapers and apps download
  4. Ability to speedboost and optimized your Android device.
  5. Contact book management
  6. Ability to move and save files between storage locations


How To Download Mobogenie app

There are few options to download the  Mobogenie app, you can download it on your PC, on your mobile device as well as via the Google play store. At the moment, it is available for both Windows and Android platforms. You may choose to download Mobogenie apk on PC and then transfer it to the Android device or simply download it directly on your Android by visiting this website on your Android. It is also possible to scan QR code to download Mobogenie app.

For Google play store download option, simply launch your Google play and input “Mobogenie” in the search box to search for the app. Once it appears, simply click to install it. You can begin to use the app after installation.


For the download and other pertinent information on Mobogenie app especially as it relates to your Android device, you may visit

You will be able to discover the newest version of the app as well. Why not give it a trial now and see how it works for yourself. You may give us feedback on your experience with Mobogenie app in the comment box below.

If you have used the app before, kindly share your experience.


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