A great number of mobile phone user don’t know their mobile number offhand and it could sometimes be embarrassing when asked and you are unable to state them clearly especially when filling forms or exchanging contacts with friends. This is also possible for people who have multiple lines and those that are not numerically smart. This, I must say is not too good.


In this piece we shall take a look at how anyone can check his mobile number across the mobile networks in Nigeria. We shall take a look at some alternatives available on these networks to check the mobile number. Below are the four major network operators in Nigeria.

Generally, you may call customer care if you have some time to spend on line. Call MTN on 180, Glo on 121, Airtel on 111 and 9mobile on 200. The call is free. Please note that you will be required to answer few questions on your line and pass a certain number of questions especially on MTN. This is to confirm the ownership of the line.


Also another general to check your mobile number on any network is to use their “please call me” service. Simply send it a number near by and check the number displayed as sender of the please call me message.


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How To Check You Number On MTN Network

On mobile telecommunications network, you may check your mobile number by calling and going through the self service number which is *123#. Simply dial *123# and select the option 1 (Account information) and then select option 1 again (My Number). Your mobile number will be displayed on the screen and also through SMS.


How To Check You Number On Airtel Network

To check your mobile number on Airtel network, kindly dial *121# and follow the prompt. From the prompt, Select 1 (My Account) and on the next prompt, select 1 (My Number). What you will have next is your  phone number displayed to you on the screen. You may just write it out and save it on your phone.


How To Check You Number On Glo Network

There are two options you may consider apart from enquiry via the customer service agent. You may call 1244 with the SIM you want to get the mobile number, the IVR will state your mobile number clearly twice. You may also dial *135*8# and it will be displayed on the screen of the phone. So, the choice is yours to make.


How To Check You Number On 9mobile Network

Following the recent change of administration of etisalat, it has now turn to 9mobile. The transaction codes remains unchanged. To check, your mobile number on 9mobile, please dial *248# and the mobile number will be displayed on the screen. You may write it out or save it on the phone for future reference.

With the information above, you can check your mobile number on any network at any time anywhere you seem to forget it. Make use of the space provided for the owner of the phone in the phone book on your mobile device. Try as much as possible to know it offhand, its the best option.


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