Statistics by the National Communication Commissions (NCC) has shown that on Glo Blackberry Data Subscription, Glo has the largest number of Internet subscribers in Nigeria, including Black Berry Data subscribers, even after discontinuing it on BlackBerry OS7 phones (Curve, Bold etc).

The great news is that it still works on BlackBerry OS10 phones and some android phones, if you own one and you aren’t using Glo BlackBerry Data subscription on it, you might want to do so now.


How To Subscribe For Different BlackBerry Data Plans On Glo Network For BB10

Daily Subscription:

Glo has only one data plan for daily blackberry data subscription, which is called the BB100.

Price – N100

Data Volume – N60mb

USSD Code – *777*4#

Via SMS – Send BB100 to 777.


Data Subscription Spanning 5 Days:

If you feel the 1 day subscription is a rip off, you might want to try the 5 days validity subscription which goes for just N200 and has a data volume of N200mb. The data plan’s name is “BB200”

Price – N200

Data Volume – 200mb

USSD Code – *777*5#

Via SMS – send BB200 to 777


Weekly Data Subscription:

You might also want to try this even better data offer from Glo for 7 days, with just N500 you get a whooping 1.56gb. You can download all your favorite series, latest movies and still have enough data volume for your social networking and browsing need. The data plan’s name is “BB500”.

Price – N500

Data Volume – 1.56gb

USSD Code – *777*7#

Via SMS – send BB500 to 777.


Monthly Data Subscription:

Glo has numerous monthly Blackberry data subscriptions for BB10, unlike their daily and weekly plans.

The monthly data plans have various data volumes attached to them from which you can select from, depending on your needs for data usage for a month.


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Glo Monthly Data Plans Are Listed Below:



Price – N1,000

Data Volume – 3.2gb

USSD Code – *777*8#

Via SMS – send BB1000 to 777



Price – N2,000

Data Volume – 7.5gb

USSD Code – *777*9#

Via SMS – send BB2000 to 777



Price – N2,500

Data Volume – 10gb

USSD Code – *777*10#

Via SMS – send BB2500 to 777



Price – N3,000

Data Volume – 12gb

USSD Code – *777*17#

Via SMS – Send BB3000 to 777



Price – N4,000

Data Volume – 18gb

USSD Code – *777*18#

Via SMS – Send BB4000 to 777



Price – N5,000

Data Volume – 24gb

USSD Code – *777*19#

Via SMS – send BB5000 to 777



Price – N8,000

Data Volume – 48gb

USSD code – *777*20#

Via SMS – send BB8000 to 777




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