The Stanbic Mobile Money is a mobile wallet platform owned by Stanbic IBTC Bank plc. that gives customers the opportunity to carry out their transactions on their mobile phones.


To Set Up The Stanbic Mobile Money Account

There are several ways you can setup the mobile money account of Stanbic IBTC Bank, we will outline them for you.


The web setup procedure:

  • To set it up on the web, you will need to log on to the mobile money page on
  • Click on the register button and provide your details as required



The Mobile Phone Setup Procedure

  • You will need to register with your mobile phone by just dialling *909# on your phone button and then send it. Note that this procedure is excluded for MTN users.
  • Choose the option 4 once all the options come out on your screen, and then press register. You will need to provide your information as required on each field then you can submit.


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The Agent Setup Procedure

This procedure requires you registering through an agent

  • Visit any agent shop near you and ask for the mobile money registration form
  • Fill and complete the form by providing all the required details. Ensure you read their terms and conditions
  • Make sure you return the completed form to the agent
  • The agent will have to register all your details
  • You will be asked to input a 4 digit wallet secret PIN in the agent’s shop
  • Once you have completed this, they will activate your mobile money wallet and you will get a text message on your phone on how you can have access to your account
  • Make sure you change the mobile money PIN you provided earlier in the shop to a new one once you have access to your account



How To Fund Your Mobile Money

You can fund using bank deposit:

  • Visit any Stanbic IBTC Bank branch close to you
  • Provide your mobile money number to the branch close to you
  • Provide your mobile money number to the branch teller and tell them the amount you intend to deposit, then complete the transaction register. You can achieve this by imputing your phone number as your account number on the teller
  • You can then pay cash to the teller
  • The Stanbic IBTC branch will credit the amount you paid to your mobile money wallet account.
  • You will then get an sms alert of the transaction

You can use any Stanbic Mobile Money Agent near you

  • You will need to provide to the agent your mobile money number
  • Provide the amount you intend to deposit
  • Complete the transaction registration form
  • The total deposit amount will be credited to your mobile money wallet by the agent
  • You will then get an sms alert of the transaction



How To Transfer Money To Another Mobile Money Wallet

  • Just dial *909# from your phone and send
  • Choose option 1, my wallet and then send
  • Choose option 2, for transfer
  • Choose option 1, for wallet to wallet transfer
  • Input the recipient’s account number
  • Input the amount you want to send
  • Input your 4 digit PIN
  • You will get an sms for you to confirm the transaction.


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