Ecobank PLC Nigeria (The Pan- African Bank ) is a commercial bank operating in Nigeria and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Founded in 1986, it is headquartered in Lagos and operates as a universal bank providing wholesale, retail, corporate and investment services.

Ecobank has a network of over 600 branches in Nigeria with offices in 36 other African Countries including Benin Republic, Cameroon, Burkina-Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Guinea, Ghana and so on. It also operates and maintains a banking subsidiary in Paris and representative offices in Dubai, London and Johannesburg. Ecobank Transnational Incorporated is the parent company of Ecobank group.



Ecobank Services

The principle focus of Ecobank is on providing solutions- oriented, high quality products and services to its customers. Ecobank offers innovative products and services including mobile and internet banking, cash remittance, card payment gateway, funds transfer, bills and third party payments and so on.



Ecobank Mobile Money

The Ecobank mobile app brings all your banking transactions to your doorsteps thereby making banking an easy and convenient task. It allows you to enjoy banking services from the comfort of your mobile device, smartphone, tablet or personal computer. This application also gives you an easy way to manage your account and conduct financial transaction in a simple and secured manner. Best of all it gives you access to the new and exciting feature Express account which combines the mobilemoney feature a clever electronic wallet that lives in your phone and links your mobile quickly and safely.


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Ecobank ATM Cardless Withdrawal

This is a safe and secure way to carry cash everywhere you go. It is a handy, multipurpose prepaid service available in 33 African countries including Nigeria. The service was unveiled to address the needs of the unbanked populace and also an upgrade to the already existing mobile banking application. Also called the Xpresscash, the service allows customers to withdraw cash from any Ecobank ATM using e- Tokens generated from the Ecobank mobile app or agent locations within any of Ecobank’s 33 territories across Africa. Customers can also send e- Tokens to their loved ones via SMS, email and social media. The new Ecobank Initiative also offers all users several benefits such as simple account opening without any paper documentation and the ability to withdraw cash without the use of an ATM card. It is a digital account that is mobile based and can be used by smartphone users and feature phones.



Step By Step Procedure

  1. Log unto the mobile app and select ‘Xpresscash’
  2. Choose your preferred option between “Xpress point agency or ATM”, select option eg ATM
  3. Enter the account you wish to be withdrawn from.
  4. An eight digit E-token will be generated for use on the ATM. Note that this token is valid for three days only

5.Go to any Ecobank ATM point to withdraw your cash

  1. At the ATM point, select “Xpresscash” option at the ATM and enter the eight digit generated E-token and the amount to withdraw.
  2. Receive your cash



Benefits Of Ecobank Cardless Withdrawal

  1. Pin is protected with chip technology for enhanced security
  2. It is safer and more secured than ATM cards which can be stolen ir hacked
  3. One unique thing about this serbice is that you can send your e-token to a third party via sms or whatsapp so that the recipient can cash the agreed amount at any Ecobank’s ATM without using a card
  4. Reduces transaction time and also drives customers engagement
  5. If not used, the e-token can be cancelled via the mobile app and the customers’ account will be credited back instantly.


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