Phones are the latest means of mobile voice communication around the world, and the connection and bond you develop with your distant relative is attributed to this device. Getting a phone is nice, but getting a quality and affordable phone is very essential .

Getting a phone from a reliable dealer is essential and there are countless dealers and sellers of phones in Nigeria , but there are only few who sell quality and affordable products, one of this dealer is SLOT.

SLOT is a company founded by a Nigerian named Nnamdi Ezeigbo, he is also the co-founder of Techno and Infinix phone brand, the two fastest selling phone in the country.

Mr Nnamdi is a success story of how people can succeed in life with hard work and determination.

According to his story, after his days in youth service, he started searching for job, but due to the economy and unemployment he had to resort to repairing phones at computer village.

As he began to grow the business with discipline and commitment, he began to attract customers and today the name SLOT is a household name in Nigeria phone sales and electronic market with over 60 branches nationwide. The company sells quality mobile phones, laptop, tablets and general electronics.


Earlier this year, the company introduced a “Buy-Back” (Slot Phone Swap) service which gives people the opportunity to upgrade their old phones to a new one. If you look to getting a new phone but don’t have enough cash, you can take advantage of this service to get more cash for your new phone. as much as it sound tempting, it is also very reasonable and consumer conscious.

Although to proceed with this swap, there are few things you should understand

This is not a phone-for-phone swap but rather a phone-for-cash/voucher swap. It is simply selling your old phone to slot.

Not all slot stores are eligible for this service


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How To Use This Service

Make sure the phone is not stolen

Prepare your phone for swapping by backing up all your data

Walk into an eligible slot store

Give the phone to a Matrix rep at slot store

The rep examines your phone and gets a trade-in value

If the trade-in-value is accepted, then the rep will issue you a voucher/cash which you can use to purchase another phone in slot.


The Terms And Conditions

  • Customer must be over 18years
  • Customer ID details card must match name on bank account
  • Customer must sign indemnity form against any cases of stolen phones
  • Customer’s picture may be taken in cases where ID card or proof of ownership is not satisfactory.



There are also some disclaimer clause attached to the service

There is no guarantee that the price listed on this page is 100% accurate because of the dynamic nature of what we’re dealing with. Prices attached to used phone might possibly have reducing leading to reduction in value during exchange.

Price is NOT constant and CHANGES frequently, so today’s price may not be the same next week or even tomorrow. Information should be asked as a reference and to give you an idea of how much the phone would cost.

The company has the right to update the price without any prior notice.

There company reserves the right to proceed or cancel the offer at anytime without formal notice.


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  1. What if I want to trade my clean 1month infinix note4 32gb for camon cx how much will I add

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