Today, technology has find its way to influence every area of our lives. Internet services has brought lots of services to our phones at the comfort of our fingers. Opening of bank account is not left out in this case.

Opening of bank account used to be by queues to obtain some forms which must be duly filled. You will also be required to attach some documents to the filled forms. After that, you will need to wait until you are sent a text containing your account number. And some do write it out for you on a piece of paper.

Today, if you desire to open account with s particular bank, the first thing will be to visit the bank’s website to find out if you can open an account online because its not available on all bank website. A number of banks that allows online bank account opening are FCMB, Skye Bank, First Bank, UBA, Zenith Bank, Diamond Bank etc.


How To Open A Bank Account Online In Nigeria

It is to be noted that opening an account online does not make your account less standard. It will operate as normal like the ones you open on que at the bank. Its even more advantageous because its readily accessible online. You can open it at any time of the day and it will begin to function immediately.


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Step1. To open an online bank account, log on to the bank websites. This feature is usually at the individual or personal service on the website of such bank.

Step2. You should be able to see something like “open an account online”. Click on it and it will load the form for you to fill.

Step3. Since personal or individual account are usually the type of account you can open online, they normally ask you question to indicate the type of account you want. It could either be savings or current or domiciliary account.

Step4. The form to be filled are usually Bio data with contact details. You may also be required to upload a passport photograph and sometimes with government issued ID cards such as Driver’s license, voters card, national ID card etc. Many a times, the quality and amount details provided determines the level at which your account can function.


Please NOTE that It’s important to fill in correct and adequate details. Ensure you verify your details before submitting the form. After submission, you will normally be sent a verification email to verify your email and after verifying it, you should get a mail with your account details.

Now that your account is opened, you will be required to make payment into your account and in the case that you were not ask to upload documents or Identity card, you will be required to visit any bank branch close by do that. Without those documents or I.D, your account will be limited in its functions.

Each bank has different merit attached to their online opened account depending on the bank policy. Generally, you get instant notification with account balance, utility bills payment made easy, transaction made easy online and purchase online made easier.



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