So you just got a new device maybe a China Phone, a Smartphone, a modem or any device capable of browsing the internet and for one reason or the other your device can’t seem to be able to browse the internet with your Glo Sim card. And who doesn’t want to be on Nigeria’s biggest Internet provider network? They offer internet data at very affordable prices with a fairly good internet speed depending on your location.

The inability for your device to browse is largely due to the internet or APN settings not being automatically configured in your device. Usually the Glo internet or APN settings is automatically configured in your device once you slot in your Glo Sim Card inside it.


You can confirm if whether or not the internet or APN settings is in your phone by going to your device connectivity settings, if you can find one of the following Access Point Names: Glo NG (Glo flat) or Glo NG (Glo Secure) then you can browse, if none of them is selected, select the Glo NG (Glo flat) and you should able to start browsing. However, if you can’t find any of the Access Point Names on your device’s connectivity settings, here’s how to request or set it up yourself:


How To Set Up Internet Service On Your Phone

Automatic Configuration

First, let’s take a look at how you can set up or request Glo Internet or APN settings automatically called the “Push settings” on your phone through text message:

Send your PHONENAME to 927.


That is, if your phone is a C1 made by Nokia, Techno or Samsung text Nokia C1 to 927 or Tecno C9 to 927 or Samsung S3 to 927.


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By sending ACTIVATE to 444.

Text the word “ACTIVATE” via SMS to 444 using your Glo SIM.



Text ALL to 1234.

This is mostly if you don’t know the brand of phone or device you’re using or if it’s a China phone and you just want the general Glo Internet or APN settings to be sent to your phone.

The Push settings should be sent to your phone almost immediately, when you recieve the push settings, kindly save and activate them for use.

NB: Some devices, including some type of modems do not support the push settings, so you might not receive the push settings.


Manual Configuration

If you’re sure your device supports browsing and you did not receive the push settings in your device within 24 hours, you might want to use the manual configuration settings.

Here’s how to manually configure your device:


To manually configure the APN settings on your device, simply navigate to your phone settings, select APN and enter the following details in the appropriate fields:


*Access Point Name (APN) = gloflat

*Username = Flat

*Password = Flat

Proxy – Blank

Port – Blank


Viola, your mobile device would start browsing the internet.



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  1. On the Access Point menu of my device, it has provision s for :

    1) Network type:
    2) Phone IP Address:
    3) DNS Address:
    2 & 3 are marked ” Automatic ”
    4) Proxy Server Address:
    5) Proxy port number.
    Problem with my device is, it doesn’t download. Can the unavailability of any of this required information lead to it’s malfunctioning ?
    Note: It browses perfectly, just the download.

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