NIC bank is one of the commercial banks in Kenya. Its full name is National Industrial Credit Bank and it was established in 1959 with her headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The bank was licensed by the apex bank of the land known as central bank of Kenya. The bank has grown over the years and now owns subsidiaries in other African countries.


In this piece, we shall take a look into the NIC online banking, merits and transactions. Before you can use the NIC online banking feature, you must have a functioning NIC bank account. To own a bank account with NIC is quite simple, just walk into any of its branch and request for account opening form at the customer service desk. Note that your passport photograph, an ID card and previously used utility bill will be required.



How To Register For NIC Online Banking

To opt in for the NIC online banking feature, you will need to send an email to or simply call the Customer service on +254711041111 or +2542888217. You may as well  contact your Relationship Manager or visit the customer service at any of our branches close to you. The NIC online banking feature is available for both individual and corporate NIC bank account users.


How To Access NIC Online Banking

To access the NIC online Banking platform after registration, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to the NIC Online Banking platform,
  2. Then click on Retail for Password users or Corporate for token users and then login with user ID and password for retail users while corporate users are to type in their user ID and generate one time password with their token which will be used to access the platform.
  3. Then you can begin to carry out other transactions.


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How To Generate One Time Password (OTP)

To generate the one time password, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. On the token, press OK button to turn on the token
  2. Input the Static Pin number
  3. Input your new Pin and confirm it
  4. Press OK button and the one time password will be generated.



What You Can Do With NIC Online Banking

There are a number of things you can do with the NIC online banking platform, these include;

  1. Viewing of statement of account
  2. Viewing of account balance
  3. Payments via Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS )
  4. Banker’s cheque can be requested
  5. Bill payments
  6. Fund transfer Bank to MPESA and vice versa. That is Mobile Money Transfer Service (MMTS)
  7. You can make international transfer
  8. Domestic EFT transfers
  9. Internal fund transfer between NIC bank accounts in Kenya and other African countries (Uganda, Tanzania or Kenya)
  10. Standing Orders can also be accessed.



How To View Your Account

To view your account, you may login into your profile by the steps outlined above. Once successfully logged in, from your home, you can have a brief view of your account arranged as local accounts, foreign accounts, Deposits (fixed and/or call) and loans. You can check the details by clicking on each of them.


For enquiry, please send your enquiry email to or you may call 254 (711)041 111 or +254 (732)141 111.


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