Zenith bank is one of the financial institution in Nigeria. It was founded in 1990 and now has several branches across the nation. It has her headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria with a recognition as the Nigeria’s biggest bank by tier-1 capital. Zenith bank is usually viewed as the bank of the rich or high class citizens.


The internet banking is a platform offered by banks to ease procedure and access of transactions. With internet banking, customers can have absolute control of their funds and carry out transactions without necessarily going to bank or ATM spots. You can access and use your money in bank right from the comfort of your home, office or on street via your mobile device.


The internet banking option allows you to pay, send and receive funds into your account via few clicks on the internet. Its that simple. Just log on to the zenith bank website, navigate to internet banking tab and login with your account details. Once successfully logged in, you can do whatever you want with your fund.


The internet banking option is available to both personal and corporate accounts. This means whether your account is a company or group account or just an individual account, you can still enjoy the great features of internet banking platform. Corporate internet banking means enrolling a corporate account into internet banking platform.



Features Of Internet Banking

  1. Ability to check transaction history
  2. Ability to download all transaction report
  3. Ability to view statement of account
  4. Ability to check account balance
  5. Ability to transfer funds
  6. Ability to pay bills


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What You Need For Internet Banking

For you to take advantage of the internet banking option, you will need to register your account on the internet banking platform. After that, you need an internet connection and a device (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, desktop computer etc.)  to connect. Now you are good to go.


How To Register For Internet Banking

To register for internet banking as a corporate account user, you will need to visit any Zenith bank branch close to you with all the signatories to the account and make your intention known at the customer service desk. Forms will be provided to fill to register on the platform. You will be charged for the registration.

How To Use The Internet Banking Platform

After a successful registration, login details will be made available. To use the platform, you will log on to the zenith website, navigate and click on internet banking tab. Login with the login details. Once you are logged in, you can now begin to transact from the menu. Click on the appropriate menu corresponding to your intending action and follow the process to carry out the transaction.


For further assistance or enquiry, please visit any Zenith bank branch close to you and help yourself through at the customer service desk.


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