Today we will share with you all about Zte Mifi and different subscriptions you can enjoy with it. Please note that you can use all Networks, Ntel, 9mobile, MTN, Airtel, Glo, and others.

ZTE happens to be one of the biggest company that provides the best and fastest MiFi internet device for everyone worldwide and also for network providers. And among the list of the ZTE MiFi, it is only the MF65M model that doesn’t support 4G LTE connectivity with a 1500mAh battery capacity but has a WiFi connection of up to 10 users at the same time.

All other models such as the ZTE MF920W, MF920W+, MF920VS, MF920V are all enabled with 4G LTE network. Although, there are slight differences and similarities between this ZTE MiFi models. However, the spectacular feature here is the design. Zte MF920V is their latest MiFi device.

Though others models comes with 2000mAh battery capacity but the ZTE MF920VS features an impressive with a 2800mAh capacity and also supports up to 32 simultaneous users / devices with normal sim enabled.

However, the ZTE MF920W and MF920W+ are almost in the same category with their latest device but there is a lower WiFi connectivity of up to 8 users, and others includes a 2000mAh battery capacity with normal sim that is enabled. However, the major difference is that the ZTE MF920V uses micro sim card.

Note that the good thing about the ZTE MF920W+ is that it browses the internet faster and smarter than its predecessor. Before buying, you can check out the specifications for all ZTE MiFi devices. All their device are enabled with 4 LED Light Indicators for both Battery, WiFi, SMS and Signal.

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ZTE MiFi Prices

The cost of ZTE MiFi starts from N7000 upwards, the ZTE MF920V is priced at N9000 and also you should expect the ZTE MF920VS MiFi to be more expensive due to the high WiFi connection users of up to 32.


As said before, you can use all Networks, Ntel, 9mobile, MTN, Airtel, Glo, and others. But we will share only the Airtel subscription you can use.

The Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

We are sharing this to you because Airtel is the only Nigerian mobile network that offers unlimited data plans to subscribers, so check them out:

  • The Unlimited 10: This unlimited 10 plan offers unlimited data for just N10,000 which is valid for 30 days, note that fair usage policy applies after 40GB. If you want to subscribe, dial *462*10#
  • The Unlimited 15: The unlimited 15 plan offers unlimited data for N15,000 which is valid for 30 days, note that fair usage policy applies after 65GB. And to subscribe, just dial *462*15#.
  • The Unlimited 20: This unlimited 20 plan offers unlimited data N20,000, which is valid for 30 days. Note that fair usage policy applies after 100GB. Want to subscribe? Dial *462*20#.

Be aware that the fair usage policy simply mean that the speed will be reduced to 250Kbps after the set data point is reached. This Unlimited plans can be enjoyed using the ZTE MiFi device.


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