When talking of using multiple connecting multiple devices to the internet at the same time without the use of bulky cables and its short distance restriction, then you are talking of incorporating the use of Hotspot internet connectivity. One of Nigeria’s leading telecommunication service providers, Globacom Nigeria, is setting the pace with the recent launch of its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) internet service upgrade to Nigerians, Globacom is the first company in Nigeria to carry out nationwide installation of the network and also to grant full access to the new enhanced network nationwide.


The advent of the Glo superfast 4G LTE network called for a device which could harness the power packed into the new innovation from Glo and share evenly across devices still maintaining equal bandwidth speed for each device. Glo in a recent bid to stun its customers released its Glo 4G Mifi device. What internet subscribers on the Glo network should know is that the Glo Mifi device can use any other network range so long as its programmed to share broadband internet connectivity.


The device can use EDGE, 3G, HSDPA and 4G LTE networks to route internet access to devices connected to it, son the 4G LTE name in the Glo Mifi device product should by no means be a problem as prospective buyer can still recharge for any internet subscription they will and still use the device without restriction.


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Point Of Purchase

The Glo 4G Mifi device can be purchased at all Glo Shops nationwide and also Online retail stores like Konga and Jumia.

Price: The Glo Mifi Device sells for N30,000 at Glo designated outlets but prospective buyers can discount of up to between N1000 – N2500 when purchasing the device via online stores.


  1. The device can allow a total of 10 users access to internet connection at the same time over Hotspot and Wifi internet connectivity.
  2. Control panel access for administrative purpose which allows management of the connection via dedicated IP Address.
  3. The Glo Mifi is a rechargeable device and its battery lasts for over 5 hours without charge. The device uses the new-age fast charging technology, so powering it is not an issue when it runs fatally flat.
  4. On purchase, the device comes packed with free 12GB worth of data plus a 4% bonus on all recharge for the next 6 months from date of first use.
  5. The device comes with USB port for charging externally with laptops or power banks.
  6. The Glo Mifi Device comes complete with an LCD display panel for easy on-screen access to functions.
  7. The device is lightweight and not bulky, it can fit into a small pouch or bag or even a big trouser pocket.


Other Benefits Of The Mifi Device CUG Sims

  1. The device also comes with three special Glo Closed User Group (CUG) sims for family and friends.
  2. The CUG sims will operate a 24/7 free calling bonus which will last for 6 months.
  3. Each sim come loaded with 500 minutes free talk time x 3 + 1500 minutes of free talk time for all three CUG sim cards.


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  1. Samuel oluwasoga

    Does the glo mifi comes with 3 cut lines?

    How effective is this device in a location like Igando,Egan

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