9mobile is one of the green colour branded network in Nigeria. It started as etisalat in 2007 but later had her name changed from etisalat to 9mobile in 2017. The network still maintains its quality of service and probably stepped up the quality with variety of bonuses in airtime (for call and SMS) and data offers.


There are several tariff plans on the 9mobile network. The tariff plans come in different categories with advantage on either voice calls or internet connection. In this piece, we shall discuss the 9mobile moreflex tariff plan with the subscription codes and its various advantages. So if this is your search, you haven’t miss your way, just read on.


The 9mobile moreflex is a tariff plan on the 9mobile which offers more airtime bonus for both calls and SMS with a pay as you surf internet charge option. The pay as you surf internet charge option comes up after you must have exhausted the bonus data given following your recharge. For instance, when you make a N300 recharge, you will get 50MB in addition to N900 worth of airtime. So if you ask me, I think its a plan worth trying out. This tariff plan was first initiated when 9mobile was etisalat but its now better and more rewarding as 9mobile moreflex.



9Mobile Moreflex Bundles

The 9mobile moreflex tariff plan has a number of bundles. These bundles come at different prices and with lots of benefits. For instance, the N300, N500, N1,000, N4,000, N10,000 and N20,000 bundles offer more 300% bonus while that of N2000 and N5000 offers 150% bonus. When you do N2,000 and N5,000 bundles twice, you will get the third for free.

When you make a recharge of N5,000 and above, you will be able to receive calls while roaming for free for 30 days in six (6) selected countries which include United Kingdom (Vodafone), United States (T-mobile), United Arab Emirate (etisalat), Netherlands (KPN), South Africa (Vodacom) and Saudi Arabia (Mobily). This means you don’t need to pay for incoming calls at these countries if you recharge up to the stated amount.


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9Mobile Moreflex Codes

Here are the 9Mobile Moreflex bundles with their respective subscription codes and price.

MoreFlex 300

Price: N300

Subscription code: *344*300#

MoreFlex 500

Price: N500

Subscription code: *344*500#

MoreFlex 1000

Price: N1,000

Subscription code:*344*1000#

MoreFlex 2000

Price: N2,000


Subscription code: *344*2000#

MoreFlex 4000

Price: N4,000

Subscription code: *344*4000#

MoreFlex 5000

Price: N5,000

Subscription code: *344*5000#

MoreFlex 10000

Price: N10,000

Subscription code: *344*10000#

MoreFlex 20000

Price: N20,000

Subscription code: *344*20000#

So with this info, you need not to waste time, get on board and enjoy the package while it last. Just activate any of the plans with the code after recharging sufficient airtime.


For further enquiry, you may call 9mobile customer service on 200, an agent will help through with the enquiry. You may as well walk into any of 9mobile experience centers nationwide for both enquiry and assistance.


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