The Ecobank Xpress Account is a Digital Bank Account that can be opened and used via the mobile phone. This is Ecobank’s way of enhancing faster bank operations and improving customer service satisfaction in the banking industry. With this, Ecobank is targeting 100 million new customers nationwide.


The Ecobank Xpress Account is free to open and can be opened at any time without visiting the bank, filling forms or submitting documents. You can open it right in your home, on street or office and it is without internet. All you need is a mobile device with an active SIM card on it. The phone is any type of mobile whether java, android, iPhone, Blackberry or non internet enabled phone, it doesn’t matter.


What You Can Do With The Account

The Ecobank Xpress Account is a normal savings account with which you can do the following;

  1. Airtime recharge for your line and others
  2. Fund transfer to both other Ecobank account and other bank.
  3. Bill payment such as PHCN, Cable TV etc
  4. It can be used for merchant payment



How To Open Account

To open the Ecobank Xpress account kindly follow the steps below;

  1. On a mobile device with an active SIM card, dial *326#
  2. From the pop up screen message, select 1 and input first name
  3. Next is to input your last name
  4. In the next prompt, input your date of birth
  5. Select your mode of identification from the list provided
  6. Select whether male or female
  7. Next is to confirm whether you want to open the xpress account. Once you confirm, you will get an instant notification for the account opened in which your phone number becomes your account.
  8. You will receive a one time password (OTP) of six (6) digits which you will use to change to your preferred easy to remember but hard to guess PIN. This PIN will be use to authorize all transactions.


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How To Change Your PIN

To change your one time password to your preferred PIN, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. On your mobile line through which the account was registered dial *326#
  2. You will be provided with two options either to change your one time password (OTP) or cancel. Select 1 to change your password
  3. Input the one time password (OTP) sent via SMS
  4. Next is to input your six (6) digits password. Once confirmed, your account is ready for use.

Now you can receive money into your account, remember your account number is the same as your phone number without the first zero (0).



How To Transfer Money From Xpress Account

To transfer funds from your Express account, simply follow the steps below;

  1. On your mobile line through which the account was registered dial *326#
  2. Select option 2 which is the send and receive option
  3. Next is to select the type of transaction whether domestic transfer or interbank transfer
  4. Next is to choose the source account from the list of Ecobank accounts linked to this mobile number in case of multiple accounts i.e the account from which you will be debited
  5. Next is to select the bank of the beneficiary from the list provided
  6. Next is to input the account number of the beneficiary
  7. Next is enter the amount you wish to send
  8. The next prompt will show the name of the recipient, confirm if its the name before you confirm the transaction with your PIN. Once you confirm the transaction, it will be forwarded instantly and you will get your debit alert.

For other transactions, simply dial the code and choose the corresponding option from the list provided and then follow through till you confirm with your PIN.


For further enquiries, you may visit any Ecobank branch close to you and talk to them at the customer service desk. You may also forward an enquiry email to



  1. This post and page is very usefull, but how will i create the code in which i will use to withdraw money at the ATM from my express account?

    1. Kindly visit the closest Ecobank Branch to you for assistance.

  2. I have change my pin to my personal pin,but i have forgotten the pin i use,how wil i recover/reset it back.


    Good day.
    How can someone link his/her ecobank express account with his/her ecobank main account & carry out a transaction successfully??

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