9mobile more blaze is one of the available data plans on the 9mobile network. It comes with a number of special features that makes it unique. A data plan is a platform that gives you access to buy and use data. With the 9mobile more blaze data plan, you can do more. Kindly take your time to read through to grasp full details.


Features Of 9mobile MoreBlaze

On this data plan, here are some interesting features that will make you come on board immediately;

  1. It is a family data plan which means one data plan subscription but usable by all members of family on their different device. It can be used across not more than five devices including you.
  2. It has data transfer feature which means you can transfer data none family member too. You can transfer between 10MB to 50MB for not more than five (5) times a day. You must have at least 1000MB data balance to do this.
  3. It is accessible by users at different location as long as 9mobile network is available there. This means you are not tied down by Wi-Fi and with this, it also saves your battery
  4. Family members data plan will be auto renewed which means you may not necessarily need to be setting it up each time a family member exhaust his/her data
  5. You can use the 9mobile more blaze data plan if you use internet on different devices (e.g on your phone, laptop, desktop, home, office etc.) and still give friends.


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9mobile More Blaze Subscription

To subscribe on 9mobile more blaze, get an active 9mobile SIM and dial *200#, select option 3 for data and then select option 5 for 9mobile more blaze. You can as well dial *917# for a direct subscription.

How To Add Other Users On 9mobile More Blaze

As you already know that you can add other four users, it is to be noted that the users will have access to the same data amount that is auto renewable. To add each, please dial *215*PIN*1*newnumber*newpuk# and later send an SMS containing “add newnumber,1,PIN,newpuk” to 215. That is, if your new number is 08091234567 with PIN 4321 and PUK 654321 then you will dial *215*4321*1*08091234567*654321# and later send an SMS “add newnumber,1,4321,654321” to 215. Please note that if its the second number you are adding, replace 1 after the PIN in the code with 2 and 1 after add newnumber with 2 in the SMS. Do the same for the third and fourth numbers. Please note that these numbers you are adding must be data SIMs.


How To Transfer Data On 9mobile More Blaze

To transfer data to friends, kindly dial *229*PIN*volume of mb*recipient’s number#. For instance, if you want to transfer 30MB to 08091234567 assuming your PIN is 1234, simply dial *229*1234*30*08091234567#. The data will be transferred instantly.


For further enquiry, you may call customer care on 200 for free via 9mobile line. You may as well walk into any of the 9mobile experience centers close to you to make your enquiry.


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