Etisalat Blackberry Data Subscription is one of the data plans from EMTS Nigeria as we know Etisalat’s Nigeria internet speed and reliability is one of the most desired by most mobile internet users in Nigeria.

The Telecommunications company has over the years built a strong trust between her and customers, largely internet users, who rely on their network for quick internet service.


Their quality network service also covers BlackBerry phones, which we all know requires quality and stable internet speed to function optimally.

But unfortunately, if you’re using a BlackBerry OS7 phone or lesser like Bold 2, 5, 6, curve 2,3,7 and so on, Etisalat Nigeria has stopped BlackBerry Internet Service for these phones and even the BlackBerry 10 OS phones like Q10, Z10 etc.

Fortunately, if you’re using a BlackBerry 10 OS phones and above e.g BB Z10, Q10 and the likes, you can use the regular Etisalat Smartphone plans for your BB 10 and it would work seamlessly on BlackBerry 10 Device.


How To Subscribe for Etisalat Smartphone Plans for Your BlackBerry 10 Devices

The smartphone plans are all monthly plans, which is the major difference between it and their regular data plans, which also works for Android Devices.


Plan – 500mb

This plan has a month validity period and costs just N500.

Activation code: *229*2*11#

Via SMS: send “smarta” to 8183


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Plan – 1GB

It also has a month validity like we had earlier stated about all Etisalat Android plan. It costs N1,000 only for subscription fee.

Activation code: *229*2*22#

Via SMS: send “smartb” to 8183


Plan – 2.5GB

Validity period: A month

Cost: N2,000

Activation Code: *229*2*44#

Via SMS: send “smartc” to 8183


Plan – 5GB

Validity period: A month

Cost: N3,500

Activation code: *229*2*33#

Via SMS: send “smartd” to 8183


Plan – 11.5GB

Validity period: A month

Cost: N8,000

Activation code: *229*2*55#

Via SMS: send “smarte” to 8183.


In case you wish to subscribe for Etisalat data for your BlackBerry 10 OS device, which has shorter or longer validity period, more or less data volume for lesser or higher costs, simply dial *200# on your phone or text “help” to 229.


Benefits Of Etisalat Smartphone Plans

  1. Cheaper call rates: once you subscribe for the smartphone plan. All the phone calls you make on your phone are charged at 20k/Sec until your plan expires, upon which you’ll be charged 40k/Sec.
  2. 30 Days Validity Period: Depending on how you use your data, all Etisalat smartphone plans have a validity period of 30 days.
  3. Fast Internet Speed: It provides fast and stable internet data speed for your android compared to other networks, whose speed is available for a limited period of time.
  4. You can rollover unused data: It automatically auto-renew your data if you have enough credit on your phone when it is about to expire. During this process, it adds your unused data to the newly subscribed data.

NB: to opt out of the Smartphone Plan dial *229*0#.


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