In this review we would be looking at Fidelity Bank Mobile And Internet Banking Platform. As we all know that Fidelity Bank has modernized its mobile internet banking to keep customers in perfect management of their financial purposes. With the help of Fidelity Online Banking App, you can easily control your transactions, manage your account details and use your cards safely.  The Banking App provides online services for performing bank transactions easily. It also enables customers to have easy access to their accounts by simply using their mobile phones. The app provides ease of access and security.

Manage your accounts anywhere you are with the ease of access provided by the Online Banking App from the stable of Fidelity Bank. The mobile internet banking brings the best internet services to your doorstep.


Transactions You Can Perform On The Platform

  • Send money to any accounts in any Nigerian banks
  • Send money to other accounts you operate, no charges involved
  • For ease of access and login procedures, your fingerprint will be authenticated
  • Explore and access all the accounts you operate (Fixed Deposit, Savings Account, Current Account etc)
  • Customize your profile the way you desire, personalize your profile picture
  • Transfer funds to your recipients anywhere, pay for airtime easily and make payments for financial charges
  • Get updates about features newly added to the Mobile Banking App
  • Get reliable information on extra and promotional benefits
  • Make payments for financial charges such as GOTV bills, DSTV bills, PHCN charges, post-paid bills and lots more.
  • Repay for the use of your Fidelity Credit Card.
  • Make payments for flight services both internationally and locally.
  • Get to know how to use more personal services.
  • Reach Fidelity Bank branches easily and locate ATM service centres.


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How To Use The Fidelity Mobile Internet Banking

  • Step1. Download the Fidelity Mobile Internet Banking App.
  • Step2. Access the app by signing in with your login details.


The Procedures For Registration

For you to be eligible for the registration, you must be aged 16 or above. Any eligible person should ensure that his or her mobile number has been duly registered. This is in order to receive the SMS alerts including any information on our Debit Card services. If these requirements have been reached, you can quickly begin the registration by clicking on “Sign Up Here’’. After this click, instructions on what to do next will appear on the screen of your phone. An SMS alert with the verification code will be sent to the mobile phone containing the account number you provided during registration.

If the verification code has been received, the steps which you will follow will appear on the screen of your phone. To complete the activation of the mobile internet banking profile, you will have to contact any nearby Fidelity Bank branch. Alternatively, you may simply use your Fidelity Debit Card to finalize the activation of the online banking profile. In as much as all these requirements have been met, you are free to access the online banking account instantly.

To experience more of this, the Fidelity Soft Token App can be installed on your mobile phone. Immediately this is done, provide your online banking details for the login process.


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