The banking operations is in its revolutionary period with bank electronic platform solutions coming from various banks. Bank operations can now be carried out without being at the ATM spot or bank branch, you can do lots of bank operations even in your room or on the street. In this piece we shall take a look at the eazzy app and its available functions.


The eazzy app is an application that gives you access to banking services as well as your bank account. With the eazzy app, users can now carry out transactions from anywhere at any time of the day without any interference by the bank officers. It gives you exclusive control over your finance.


What You Can Do With The App

There are a number of banking operations you can carry out on the eazzy app. These operations are;

  1. You can open a new account via the app
  2. You can also recharge your phone across the networks
  3. You can make payment of your utility bills such as cable TV, electricity etc.
  4. You can as well get your mini account statement via the app
  5. You may apply for loan through the app as well.
  6. You can transfer funds to both other self owned bank account and other people’s account.
  7. You can as well request for ATM cards via the app.
  8. You can check your bank account balance via the app.
  9. You can also withdraw from your account through the app at any equity bank agent shop


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How To Download The Eazzy App

The eazzy app can be download across multiple channels. Here is a step by step guide to download the eazzy app;

  1. Log on to your Google play store.
  2. Search the for the app via the search box
  3. Navigate and click on the app to install it from the search results
  4. After installation, launch the app and click on “Get started”
  5. From the options, select any option that best describe you. Select last option if you don’t have an equity bank account.
  6. Input the required details to open one and confirm the process with the confirmation SMS sent to your mobile number.
  7. Next is to login with your new account details. Upon login, you can now carry out transactions via the app.

The eazzy app can also be downloaded on the equity bank designated web page here simply choose the mobile device type and proceed to download the app.


For further enquiry, you may forward an enquiry email to or call 254711026000 or 254732112000. You can as well visit any equity bank branch close to you for enquiry or assistance.


For those who already have the app, you may share your experience with us via the comment box. Happy banking!


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