Banking services can now be accessed with ease. Customers can now make cash transactions for goods and services or transfer funds from one account to the other at their most convenient time.

First Bank has joined the number of companies which provide mobile banking services. Users of First Bank can now make transactions on their mobile phones. Through this new banking service newly set up by First Bank, customers can transfer funds to their beneficiaries with ease.

FirstMonie, as newly launched by First Bank, has procedures for registration, funding and making transfer. The steps that will guide you on how to follow any of these procedures are available in this post.


The First Thing You Should Know About FirstMonie

FirstMonie is a newly launched service provided by First Bank. It is designed to enable customers perform transactions without having to necessarily visit their bank branches. It is a banking service that makes it easy for customers to send or receive funds, pay for airtime to recharge their accounts and pay other several financial charges such as PHCN bills, school fees etc. FirstMonie has been launched for customers to perform all these financial tasks without having to use their bank accounts. Customers can easily go about with these financial routines by using their mobile phones.


The Registration Procedure

There are two methods of registering for FirstMonie. The first method is suitable for users of Glo, Airtel and Etisalat.

Users of any of the mobile networks listed above should register this way

-simply dial *894# and follow the instruction that you will be provided with.


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The second mode of registration is best suited for users of MTN

-MTN subscribers can easily register for the service by visiting the website

The next step after registering for USSD and WAP is to create a PIN. The PIN to be created will serve as the Security PIN and is required to be a 5-digit PIN.


How To Deposit Funds Into FirstMonie Mobile Wallet Through A FirstMonie Agent

Customers can do this by contacting any FirstMonie agents very close to them. FirstMonie agents can receive cash from users of FirstMonie banking service and deposit the cash into their FirstMonie accounts. FirstMonie agents need information from customers in order to do this. The information will require the phone number of the customer and the sum of money the customer wishes to deposit. Immediately this information is received, an SMS will be sent to the customer to confirm the fund deposit.


How To Deposit Funds Into Your FirstMonie Account Using Your First Bank Account

In this way, customers who use both FirstMonie account and First Bank account can easily connect the two accounts with each other. When this is done, it will be very convenient to transfer funds from a First Bank account to a FirstMonie account. For customers to do all this, they will first have to contact any nearby First Bank branch to obtain the necessary form that will require connecting a First Bank account with a FirstMonie account. The next step is to dial *894# and choose `First Bank Services’ from the options that will appear in the Menu and then select `Load Money From Bank’ among the options that will be provided next.


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