Mtn has come again with the MTN Awuf4U plan. This is a reward product that can be accessed by both prepaid and postpaid customers. It is more aptly called Awuf4U offer by the telecommunication company.


Mtn Awuf4U offers to reward all customers on the plan 200 per cent bonus on their airtime everytime they recharge less than #100 and 300 per cent airtime bonus every time they recharge #100 and above.


How To Access Mtn Awuf4U

To activate the offer on your Mtn sim, simply dial *888* Recharge Card PIN# or make your recharge via VTU. Note that the offer does not extend to people who recharge through “Share and Sell”.


Your account will be credited with your recharge value and the bonus as soon as you recharge. It will be credited into your Awuf4U account. Thus,


“When you recharge your line with N100, you will get N400 in your Awuf4U account i.e. N100 (recharge value) + N300 (bonus)

If you recharge with N400, you will get N1,600 in your Awuf4U account i.e. N400 (recharge value) + N1,200 (bonus)

When you recharge your mobile line with N750, you will get N3,000 in your Awuf4U account i.e. N750 (recharge value) + N2,250 (bonus)

If you recharge with N1,500, you will get N6,000 in your Awuf4U account i.e. N1,500 (recharge value) + N4,500 (bonus)”


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Note also that if you recharge with the default code *555*PIN#, you will not receive the bonus. You can use your bonus airtime for calls to all network at #27 per minute, SMS to all networks at #4 per SMS. You will be able to browse at #15 per MB and for international calls you will be charged #39.6 per minute to eighteen destinations. On the first recharge using the code per day, you will receive an SMS listing the eligible countries.


You cannot use your Awuf4U balance for data subscription but you can do all the other activities listed above for fourteen days if you recharged below #200 and for thirty days if you recharged #201 and above. If you do not use it until it expires, you will lose the bonus. In the same manner when your Awuf4U balance finishes, you will begin to be charged from your main balance.



How To Check Awuf4U Balance

To check your Awuf4U balance, you should simply dial *559*14#.

You can migrate to a different plan while you have Awuf4U balance. Your balance will not be wiped out. You can continue to make calls and send SMS even though you have changed your tariff plan. The rate will also remain the Awuf4U rate. However, you cannot share and sell your Awuf4U balance. It is for you alone. Every week on Awuf4U, you are entitled to seventy five (75) SMS in total for a week. If you like, you can use it up at once or you can spread it over a week. Mtn will let you know when your Awuf4U balance is exhausted.


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