MTN network is a major telecommunications service provider in Nigeria. It has the widest network coverage in the nooks and crannies of the country. MTN has the slogan “everywhere you go” due to its large network coverage.

MTN offers both call and data services. Over the years, MTN has launched diverse services, tarrif plans as well as promos to reward her numerous customers and encourage many others that are not their subscribers.

This piece aims to take a look at the different recharge bonuses offered by MTN for her numerous customers. Below are the recharge bonuses available on the MTN network at the moment;



MTN Awuf4u offers MTN subscribers the opportunity to get 200% or 300% recharge bonus. This offer grants customers airtime recharge bonus which can be use to make calls. This recharge bonus can be used to call all the networks in the country.


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Breakdown Of The Recharge Bonus

MTN Awuf4u offers any airtime recharge above N100 such as N200, a 300% recharge bonus and in the case of recharge that’s lower than N100, the customer will get 200% recharge bonus for recharging. This means, irrespective of the amount recharged, recharge bonus is certain. To get a full understanding of the bonus, here what the recharge bonus looks like. if a customer recharge N100, he or she will get N200 recharge bonus in addition to the recharged N100. If the customer recharge N200, he or she will get N400 recharge bonus in addition to the recharged N200.

To enjoy this offer, customers are required to recharge with the unique code. To either double or triple your airtime recharge depending on the amount you want to recharge on MTN network, kindly  dial *888*PIN#. Note that this recharge bonus is valid for 14 days.

Apart from the above recharge bonus, there are recharge bonuses that are tariff plan based. Here the amount of recharge bonus you will get is determined by tariff plan. Below are two tariff plans that offers recharge bonus.


MTN BetaTalk

This is a very common tariff plan known by most people. It offers both airtime recharge bonus as well as data bonus. MTN BetaTalk tariff plan offers every recharge of N100 and above a 250% airtime bonus while less than N100 recharge will get 150% airtime bonus. This tariff plan offers 10MB weekly upon recharge of N100 or above per week. Kindly note that the airtime recharge bonus can be used for calls as well as for internet browsing. It is valid for 3 days while the data bonus is valid for 7 days.


Charges And Migration Codes

Calls to all networks are charged at the rate of 42k/s. On BetaTalk, you need to exhaust your recharge bonus first before you will be charged from main balance.

To migrate to MTN BetaTalk on the MTN network, kindly dial *123*2*6# or send a text message containing BT to 131.

The second tariff plan is true talk but you cant migrate to this tariff plan. It is no longer available for migration. However, customers that are on it will continue to get 150% recharge bonus.




  1. how do u register?

  2. Those of us who buys our air time through top up and doesn’t have opportunity of recharging through for example*123*pin#.How do we go about to get bonuses?

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