SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) is a small micro chip on which data concerning your mobile are technologically in scripted. It often has a silver panel which must be in contact with the Phone panel when inserted into the SIM slot. It is to be noted that as small as it is, it houses our telecommunication power.


MTN And Other Network SIM Swap

This is the change of the plastic micro chip which houses our mobile number. It is simply a change of the small plastic micro chip without changing the mobile number.  A SIM swap might be necessary for quite a number of reasons which include;


  1. In the case of a lost or stolen SIM or with a phone
  2. In the case of a damaged SIM card
  3. In the case of a need for SIM upgrade
  4. In the case of a need for another type of SIM card such as micro, nano etc.



To carry out SIM swap on the MTN network for any of the above stated reasons, you will be required to visit any MTN connect store or walk in centers close to you. You will be required to come along with the following things;


  1. SIM certificate
  2. Valid means of Identification such as voter’s card, National I.D, Driver’s license or International passport.
  3. N150 cash but I will advice you hold a minimum of N1000. This is because some may request up to N900 and then give you N750 airtime recharge after the swap. For some, it may be N550 and then give N400 airtime recharge later.


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Other things that will be required are

  1. Details you Registered on the line, at least be prepared to give them 5 correct details.
  2. Details about your line usage such as last recharge and when, last called number, last time you borrowed on the line, frequently called numbers, tariff plan etc.


Once you can answer all these questions at least 7, the swap will be done for you. It will take a maximum of 48 hours for the new SIM card to work. If after 48 hours its not working yet, please revisit the center for assistance.


SIM Swap With Other Networks

SIM swap across other networks in the country such as Airtel, Glo and Etisalat have almost the same pattern with little differences. For each of the other networks, SIM swap can only be carried out their offices which means, you will have to get to their office to request SIM swap. Although the process is not as strict as that of MTN but you practically all the swap requirements listed earlier including the things to note. Please note that they don’t charge the same amount, it is safe to hold as much as N1000.

Once you meet up with their demands for SIM swap, it will be done. And you can begin to use it in less than 48 hours.


For further details on SIM swap, you may the customer service on the following numbers;

MTN on 180

Glo on 121

Airtel on 111

Etisalat on 200.


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