The electronic top up service also know as etopup is a way by which costumers can recharge their lines and that of loved ones without having to scratch PINs. It is a recharge option that enables call units top up without logical PINs. It is a very flexible recharge option, easy and highly convenient that can be done at any time of the day.


The etop up can be carried out across multiple channels. It can be carried out online, at the ATM, with POS, USSD codes, Mobile apps etc. All of these are without buying the scratch card or scratching any PIN. With this recharge option, you can recharge any amount as low as N50 and without any extra charge for the recharge service.


Benefits Of etop Up

  1. It is easy, safe and convenient.
  2. You can recharge any amount of your choice even if not in line with the recharge denominations
  3. It can be accessed at any time of the day.
  4. It doesn’t stop your network recharge bonus and benefits.
  5. You recharge other mobile numbers across the networks.
  6. The etop up recharge service is without extra charges.


How To Carry Out etop Recharge

Since there are diverse channels by which you can carry out the etop up on lines whether yours or for someone, there are different steps for per the channel. Here are few of the channels:


  1. USSD Codes

There are several USSD codes that can be used to top up airtime for your line and that of loved ones. The USSD codes that could be used for etop up include bank transaction codes such as first bank (*894#), Gtbank (*737#) etc. The MTN network has a USSD code in partnership with some banks by which you can as well recharge your line and that of loved ones. The code is *904#.


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  1. At The ATM

At the ATM, you can recharge both your line and others across the network by simply inserting your ATM card and then follow through to find the quickteller option. From there, select airtime recharge and then choose your the network followed with amount. Confirm the transaction and it is done.


  1. Mobil Apps

There are countless mobile apps which you can use to carry out electronic top up transaction across the networks for your line and others. These apps range from financial institution apps such as bank apps, quickteller app, voucher recharge app etc. With these apps, you can simply top up on an internet enabled mobile device.


  1. POS

Point of sale machine is another great electronic top up option. This is used by some organization to sell mobile recharge. They can sometimes print the logical PINs or recharge a line straight way.


  1. Airtime Transfer

This is another electronic top up option. This is the only option that will not give you the network airtime recharge bonus and benefits. It involves someone transferring from his airtime to another user of the same network. You can not transfer to other network. The guidelines for this is dependent on the network.


  1. Bank Order

This is another electronic top up option. You can order your bank to be topping one or more mobile line at a specific time of the month with a stipulated amount. You can do this via the customer care of your bank. This service is also free, please contact your bank for details.


With this electronic top up options, you can both recharge your lines and that of loved ones at no extra cost.


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