SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) swap is the change or exchange of SIM cards to acquire a SIM card that can carry out a desired function or to bring back a SIM card to life. A customer may decide to request for a new SIM card if dissatisfied with his or her SIM card.


Reasons For SIM Swap

SIM swap may be required as a result of one or more reasons here stated below;

  1. If SIM card is damaged
  2. If SIM card was stolen
  3. If you require SIM card upgrade, for instance, you may upgrade a 28kb SIM card to 128kb SIM card.
  4. You may need a new type of SIM card especially with the new different smartphone models coming out every now and then. (micro SIM, nano SIM etc.).


SIM Swap Across The Networks

In Nigeria, there are four major mobile telecommunication service provider which include Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat. Each of these mobile network operators offer SIM swap service. For each of these network operators, there are different requirements for SIM swap. SIM swap across the networks except on Glo used to be alot easier, more as self service over the years until recently following increase in the rate of line theft and the use of people’s line to commit criminal acts after doing an unlawful SIM swap through self service and customer service.


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In view of this criminal acts, SIM swap procedures and requirements have become similarly the same across the mobile network providers in Nigeria. To carry out the SIM swap irrespective of the reasons for carrying out the SIM swap, you will need the following things;

  1. A valid means of Identification such as Driver’s license, National I.D, Voter’s card, International Passport etc.
  2. SIM certificate
  3. At least three frequently dialled number
  4. A fee ( this differ from one network to other)
  5. Knowledge of the details you registered on the line.


To carry out the SIM swap service, kindly follow through the steps below;

  1. Kindly visit any office of the network service provider with the items listed above.
  2. Navigate to the customer care and make your intension know.
  3. Be ready to answer questions concerning the line. This is referred to as security questions on MTN network, MTN requires that you are able to answer at least 5 security question amidst several that you will be asked. Such question include name used to registered the number, address registered, frequently called number, tariff plan, last dialled number, last recharged amount etc.
  4. Once you are able to provide correct answers to the question, the swap will be done for you.
  5. You will be asked to make payment for the swap.


The swap will normally take 24hrs to 48hrs to fully effect after the swap has been done. If after the swap, it did not come out as it ought to be, you may call the customer service. For Glo is 121, MTN on 180, Airtel on 111 and Etisalat on 200.


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