Being one of the largest and most reliable news sources globally, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) runs an international news service that covers discussion, speech and incisive news broadcasting. The news network with its massive followership runs on a dual band platform, analogue and digital shortwave, also the BBC service runs on podcasts, DAB, FM, MW, satellite and live internet streaming services. Nigerians for decades have had this reputable British news agency to thank especially during crisis periods and for incisive news reportage.


The news agency started broadcast in Hausa language in 1957 and announced to its numerous followers in Nigeria and the West African sub-region that it would begin to broadcast in Igbo, Yoruba and Pidgin languages later in 2018. Hausa speakers in Africa now have the BBC to thank for providing the Hausa speaking community in Africa the wholesome opportunity of using their news portal to get international news analyzed in the Hausa language.


While its Hausa broadcast service wax stronger with ardent followers joining the news agency’s platforms everyday either traditionally via radio or moving with the tide by going on the internet to either search via google using the following queries,, bbc hausa, hausa bbc etc., or users can enjoy convenience by using their smartphones to download, install and use the BBC Hausa service mobile platform.


Using The BBC Hausa Service Via Mobile Apps

This article will delve into how smartphone users can conveniently use the BBC Hausa mobile App to access the BBC World Service in the Hausa language. The BBC Hausa mobile App is a multi-platform app which runs on both Android and iOS mobile phones.


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iOS (iPhone and iPad)

iOS users have the levity to go on the Apple Store via to download the TUNEIN RADIO iOS App which offers a range of radio stations among which is the BBC Hausa service. The App runs one of the largest collection of fafavoriteadio stations from news, sports, music, discussions and talk radio shows.


Android Platform

The BBC Hausa Android App can be downloaded on Google Play Store via Its is called BBC HAUSAWA, after downloading users should install it. Using the App on the smartphone is easy as registration is not required and the App runs fully in Hausa language.



Using the BBC Hausa App has crossed the divide to reach out to the classy, corporate world and business community Hausa speaking followers of the news agency who find it difficult to stick to their radio sets for long due to want of time or due to the fact that every of their basic information sourcing needs hover around their smartphones. Using the App implies that users be conversant with using the play button to listen in to news , shows and discussions.

N.B: iOS users actually have the levity to tap into other Hausa news services like:

  • VOA Hausa
  • DW Hausa
  • NAIJ Hausa
  • RFI Hausa
  • adership Hausa
  • Arewa24news
  • Alummata


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