It has become a law in Nigeria for those who intend to run a private school to first register their school before commencing. Running a school is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria, because as our population increases, so is the demand for school increases.

However, to run a private school involves some kind of registration which happen to be one of the requirement needed to start. Today we will showing you in details how you can register your school with the government before you can start.



How To Register Your School In Nigeria

There are two stages for registering your school in Nigeria, stage 1 will be with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) while stage 2 will be with the Ministry of Education.


Stage 1

  • Visit any corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) that is close to you and register your school name. Before you go to the CAC office, ensure you have two to three alternative name for your proposed school in case your first school name is not available.
  • Try as much as you can to avoid names like state national, government, Nigeria etc. except you have government official documentation to back up the name.
  • After you must have submitted the name of your proposed school, you will be asked to return in two weeks’ time to know if your proposed school name is available. Please note that for each school name you submit for availability check, you will be asked to pay the sum of ₦ So ensure you pick a unique name for your school.


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  • Next thing after your proposed school name is available and approved, you will be given a registration form to fill and provide the following details:
  1. The business owner’s address
  2. The name or names of school owners
  3. The proposed school name which is already approved
  4. The school address
  5. The nature or kind of business (indicate you want to run a school)
  6. The passport photograph of school owner ( or owners, if owners are more than one)

You will need to submit the form after filling the required information. You will be asked to make a payment of ₦4000, after which, the process will last for two weeks.

  • After you must have completed all the above registration process, you will be issued the certificate of business name registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission. With this certificate from Corporate Affairs Commission, you will now be seen legally as the full owner of the school whose name appears on the certificate and it will also show that your school is very legit.


Stage 2

After you must have registered your school with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), you will have to register it with your state ministry of education which will also allow you to operate the school in the state legally. To do this, you will need to write a letter to your state Ministry of Education informing them about your intention and asking for approval which must include the approved school name with CAC.

Note that the Ministry of Education will come to inspect your school to know if the environment is fit for learning, if certified, you will be asked to pay ₦25, 000 for approval form.


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