If there is any kind of business to start in Nigeria without much investment capital and still make extreme profit, then such business has to be real estate agency. Real estate business agency is a money making business in Nigeria today, the good thing in real estate business is that the opportunities are so much that there is room for everyone to kick-start the business with ease.

Any person who intend to start the business, can start immediately whether you have thousands or millions, you can start with whatever you have, and you can even start without money. The question you should be asking is, what is real estate business?

Real estate is known to be the business of buying, selling and renting out properties like apartment for personal or commercial purpose, homes, and lands for both personal and commercial use. So if you get involve in doing any of these, then you have started a real estate business.



How To Start A Successful Real Estate Business Agency

Choose The Kind Of Real Estate Agency You Want To Start:

No matter the kind of real estate business you have concluded to start, there are so many money making opportunities for you. First, your personal decision and determination towards it, determines how successful your new business would be.

You can decide and focus your attention on any of this area of real estate business agency:

  • Commercial property
  • Landed property
  • Residential property
  • Industrial property


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You Need To Be Licensed

There are so many unlicensed real estate business agencies in the sector today, but for you to make your real estate business agency a success in Nigeria, you should get licensed for the business you want to do. Getting this real estate business license will give you an edge over other unlicensed agencies.


You Need Real Estate Education

To start real estate business agency in Nigeria, you don’t really need any formal education, but having a kind of knowledge about it will make your business more successful than the others. We have lots of real estate institutions that can give you adequate education on real estate business agency.


You Need A Business Plan

Just like every other successful business you would find around you, developing a good business plan will set you on the track of success. Note that your business plan should be a living document, not something you develop and abandon. To have a successful real estate business plan, you should allow the plan to evolve with you, you should continue to work on it and update the content as your real estate agency grows.



Develop A Marketing Strategy

You need a sound and clear marketing strategy to have a successful real estate business agency in Nigeria. This well-developed marketing strategy will need to focus on all area of the business so that you can reach the right clients.

There are two main marketing strategy you should embrace to be successful in real estate, they are:

  • Online marketing strategy
  • Offline marketing strategy

The online marketing strategy involve you creating a website to display your properties, doing online advertising on Facebook and Google to find interested clients.

Offline marketing strategy involve you getting sales agents, placing adverts on real estate magazines and other offline means to get clients.


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