Have you being wondering how to enroll for the PMP management training? But first, what is PMP? PMP simply mean project management professional. It is a certification programme for project managers which after being trained and certified, can handle any project for the governments, businesses and other public sector. Therefore project management is the application of knowledge, skill, tools, and techniques to projects activities to meet projects requirements.

Today, we will share with you how to enroll for the PMP management training



How To Enroll

Step 1: You Need To Become A Member Via www.pmi.org:

It is very important to become a member of PMI before you register for the exam. The cost of the computerized exam is $555 for non-member of PMI and %405 for PMI members. As a member of project management institute (PMI), you will have access to electronic materials which will help you pass the exam. You can join the Nigerian chapter of PMI via www.PmiNigeria.org


Step 2: Fill The Application Online

You need to complete the application online using the PMIs online certification system. You will only have 90 days to finish it once you start the application process, or you will have to start all over again.

The PMI online system will require you to input the source of your 35 contact hours, the school, the hours of experience, and your educational years.


Step 3: Wait For The Completion Of Your Application And Confirmation Of Receipt

After submitting your application, a review for completeness will be done by PMI which might take up to five business working days. So you need to be checking for any status updates regarding your application.


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Step 4: Making Payment:

After your application must have been reviewed and processed by PMI, they will request you make payment which can be done online with your master or visa card.


Step 5: Wait For Acceptance Confirmation Of Your Application

After making payment, PMI will once again review your submitted application and the requirement before you will be called for audit. Once you have been audited between 2 to 7 business working days, you will be asked to proceed for the exam.

Please be inform that you will only have 90 days to submit your audit materials, like the duplicate copies of your certificate you got during your 35 contact hours.


Step 6: Taking The Exam:

The exam will be taken online which there will be no break during the four hour exam, though you can decide to move out and take a break, but be aware that your exam time will still be ticking while you are out for a break. You would need to come with your ID that contains your photograph and signature. After the exam, your score will be displayed for you as PASS or FAIL.



The Requirements

Level 1:

  • You would need a secondary school certificate, a diploma or an associate degree
  • You will need a minimum of five years of non-overlapping professional project experience which at least 7,500 hours should have been spent directing the project.
  • 35 contact hours of having formal education

Level 2:

  • You need a bachelor’s degree
  • You will need a minimum of 3 years of non-overlapping professional project experience which at least 4,500 hour should have been spent directing the project
  • 35 contact hours of having a formal education.


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