Two of Nigeria’s top ranking online retail shops are both Jumia and Konga. These have become business conglomerates in their own standing as they serve the Nigerian populace with convenient shopping as one only has top punch a few button from either their mobile phone or PC to order for whatever one needs.

The advent of these two massive online retail stores has come with a profitable business which can be tapped into and accessed by affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers are more or less like middle/sales men/women who through publicizing online can refer potential customers to these online retail shop via a dedicated weblink where they are in turn paid a commission. Truth about affiliate marketing remains that it is never a get-rich-quick route but it takes time and a dint of hard work to achieve recurrent traffic for maximum profit. A prospective affiliate marketer who want to tap into the partnership deal with either Konga or Jumia, should bear the following at the back of one’s mind.

Becoming an affiliate marketer with either Jumia or Konga affords one the opportunity to partner with these mega businesses, which translates to, on every click on one’s affiliate link (which also serves as a tracker) which turns out to be a successful order, (9%+) commission is paid to the affiliate partner.


How To Make Money With Jumia & Konga Affiliate Program

  1. SIGN UP FOR THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM ON ANY OF THE ONLINE RETAIL STORES: First prospective affiliate partners should go on either:






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How To Sign Up For An Affiliate Partner Account


It is imperative that a prospective affiliate marketer should own and maybe manage their own website or blog as gives credibility to affiliate marketing. Banners and text ads can be place on the website or blog while traffic is directed there. The website or blog should have a niche or it should display products for a target audience it could be electronics, fashion, computer etc. The affiliate marketing in promoting products should also learn how to go hard by learning how to write catchy captions to promote products.


  1. THE PLACE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR TURNKEY PROFIT: Social media networks (i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+) have a very large role to play in the business of affiliate marketing. Without mincing words, social media if properly implemented can rake in for the affiliate marketer massive profits. This article will shed some light on utilizing the social media network ‘Facebook’ to rake in much needed traffic to one’s website or blog. Facebook as we all know has a massive following of over 1 billion users globally, a minute fraction of the overall figure is enough to place any creative-minded affiliate marketer on a six figure profit income.


i. First, we shall discuss Facebook Like pages. An affiliate marketer can setup a Facebook like page (though it takes time to grow) but the gritty about using this great tool to grow one’s business is to in most cases spend a little cash by running Facebook Ads. The value of utilizing Facebook Ads is that one can reach a specific target audience that need a certain product and this could rake in a lot of visits to one’s website or blogs and hereby closing a lot of sales.


ii. Secondly, is setting up of Facebook Group page. This in itself is easier to manage and run and most folks have even used this strategy to rake in more prospective clients than the like page. After setup one can add one’s friends and family on their Facebook account to the setup group page and also traffic can be raked in genetically by joing other groups and sharing one’s weblink, website or blog address to these other Facebook group pages.


Take note, as earlier mentioned, raking in profits via affiliate marketing takes a while but implementing the right strategies is all that matters in being successful at affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


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