Ecobank Mobile Banking is the secure platform that uses the same encryption as Internet Banking. Ecobank Mobile Banking service is built with the same encryption standards – 128-bit secure encryption and complies with international Internet security standards. Ecobank Mobile Banking allows you to do all your banking on your mobile device. Ecobank Mobile Banking is currently available in Ghana,Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.




-It allows for an individual to Make instant transfers

-it enables customer to Check balances swiftly

– Easy Payment of  bills

-Read mini-statements

-Allows customers to Buy airtime

– it isFast, Convenient, Reliable.



How To Use Ecobank Mobile Banking With USSD

It’s very easy to know how to use this convenient method. If you do not have internet connection, that’s no problem as you can use Ecobank mobile transfer code.

If you intend to make transactions or send money to the accounts of other banks, you need to know the code,which is  *326#. You will then see instructions on your screen that needs to be followed.

You can also check the bank balance and pay your bills (like cable, water, electricity, etc). To do this, press the same combination *326 # and select the appropriate option.


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How To Activate Your MOBILE Application

If you’re a new Ecobank Mobile user:

  • Download the app from the playstore on your Android and the apple play store on your iOS device and click on New User to register
  • Once registered, you’ll receive an SMS with a one-time 6 digit PIN
  • Log-in to the app with the 6-digit pin which was sent to you in the sms
  • Change the PIN to a new 6-digit PIN of your choice
  • To access your bank account on the app, visit any Ecobank branch and fill in an activation form



How Can Money Be Transferred From Ecobank To Ghana And Other African Nations Via Mobile Banking

Money can be transferred through Ecobank mobile banking  via rapidtransfer. Hundreds of thousands of individuals across Africa trust Rapid transfer to send money and make payments. Rapidtransfer is notable for being Fast, safe and reliable, it’s also  the only pan-African money transfer and payment service owned by an African financial institution. Rapidtransfer is the only pan-African money transfer service that can also be used on your smart phone. To make your transfers superfast and super easy, you should download the Rapidtransfer app onto your phone from the various application stores.




Ecobank mobile Transfers can be made at any Ecobank branch or Rapidtransfer agent. You don’t need an Ecobank account, anyone can use Rapidtransfer. It’s similar to MoneyGram. In order to send money via rapidtransfer on Ecobank mobile banking,a customer need to Find any Ecobank branch.


 Features Of The Ecobank Banking Rapid Money Transfer

  • It enables people to Deposit and withdraw money
  • You can Send money to friends and family for them to redeem at our Rapid transfer agents
  • Receive money
  • Purchase airtime for any network
  • Pay for your bills, goods and services
  • Check your account details
  • Agents and small businesses can make collections electronically.


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