The internet banking platform of Keystone Bank is also referred to as @ctivNet. It is designed to make banking operations easy and accessible at the comfort of one’s home, on the street or even at workplace. With your mobile device, you can carry out banking operations that would have cost you ques and time as long as your device is internet enabled.


Registration And Enrollment For The Keystone Bank Internet Banking

Of course, if you intend to use the Keystone Internet banking platform, you will be required to register. After a successful registration, then you can then access the platform for its functions. Below is a step by step guide to enrol in the Keystone internet banking platform;

  1. Visit any Keystone Bank close to you. Make your way to the customer service desk and request for internet banking application form.
  2. Fill in the details required on the application form and return it back the customer service desk. Once you do that, the customer service will work on it for you.
  3. Once your account has been set up on the platform, you will be notified alongside your login details for the internet banking platform. This will only take few days.
  4. Click here if you have the login details so as to be able to change your password.
  5. Once you change your password, then you can begin to use internet banking platform for your transactions.


KeystoneMobile App

KeystoneMobile is the Keystone Bank’s mobile banking Application. It gives you access to your account and the ability to carry out transactions right from your mobile phones. It is available and downloadable across the divers mobile App Store. With the app, you can make payment for goods and services, airtime recharge, transfer of funds (own account, intra and interbank) as well as to check account balance. You are also able to make payment for your utility bills such as PHCN, Cable TV, Airline tickets booking etc.


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Merits Of Keystone Internet Banking Platform

The very first attributed merit of using the Keystone internet banking platform is the ease and comfort of doing transactions from the comfort of your device whether mobile or personal computer. You also have the opportunity to actively manage your funds across the platform. Through the platform, you can issue instructions regarding your account from anywhere.

You don’t have to visit bank to make deposits. You are also able to access details of your account as well as on new product offerings at any time. It simply bring your account closer to you.


Other Things You Can Do With  Keystone Bank Internet Banking.

  1. Ability to view and print both mini and full statement of account.
  2. Ability to view loan profile and status
  3. Ability to issue standing order payments
  4. Ability to review and verify transactions
  5. Ability to order ATM cards and cheque book.
  6. Access to loan calculator
  7. Password reset function.

If you have any challenge with your internet banking platform or other issues, you may reach the customer service on 01-448 5742 or via email


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