The Ecobank transfer code is a multi purpose code assigned for transactions via the mobile phone. It is generally referred to as Ecobank mobile while some may choose to call it Ecobank mobile money.

The MobileMoney service from Ecobank enables you to send money, make payments as well as to buy airtime. It’s a great mobile platform that brings your account on to your mobile phone and as well links your mobile quickly and safely to all your banking transactions.

Ecobank is a Pan Africa bank, therefore, this service is not only limited to Nigerian customers alone. In Nigeria, simply dial *326#, for Tanzania its *150*18#, for Uganda its *235# and for Kenya its *335#. This is to let you that Ecobank has got you covered as long as you are a customer.

However, even if you are not an account holder in ecobank, you could open an ewallet account via the code which will function well and accessible anytime any day.


Features Of Ecobank Mobile

Airtime purchase

Deposit and withdraw money

Utility bill payment

Send money to friends and family for them to redeem at our agents

Receive money

Pay for goods and services

Check your account.

Agents and small businesses can make collections electronically.


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With Ecobank Mobile, you make use of the features above to the listed below:

  1. You are able to send money to both ecobank account and other bank accounts
  2. You will be able to pay your utility bills such as PHCN, Cable TV etc.
  3. You can purchase airtime for your line and other mobile numbers.
  4. You can check your account balances
  5. You can make transfers and more.


Quick Recharge is one of the things you can do with the code. It is a quick and convenient airtime vending service which enables Ecobank Savings and Current account holders to top up their lines directly from their bank account by simply dialing a short code string, *326*Amount# then press send E.g. *326*300#

For the e-wallet customers, they can as well enjoy this service. All they need to do is to dial *326*1*amount# e.g *326*1*300# to recharge N300. The code must be dialed on the registered line with the bank on which they usually get alert for transactions.



Benefits Of Quick Recharge

  1. Quick & Convenient way to recharge your Mobile phone
  2. Available 24/7
  3. Recharge up to N5,000 daily
  4. You can recharge others.
  5. No transaction fees
  6. No PIN is needed


For transfer either to other bank account or within ecobank, simply dial *326# and follow the prompt to select transfer after which it will ask you to enter account number.  Next is to select bank. Confirm the account number and authorize the transfer with your PIN and the money will be transferred immediately. You will be alerted instantly and you may also check the account balance to verify the transaction.

With this banking operations are made easier and more convenient.



  1. nice

  2. It’s not working for me, they always say my Xpress account is empty. I don’t understand that.

  3. Please which PIN is used to authorize transfer. Is it ATM PIN ?.
    Notify me of follow up comments by SMS

    1. Your 4 digit ATM Pin

  4. please, I have try the instruction is not working for me,and the are always telling me express account, I don’t understand.

    1. Hi,
      Please visit the nearest Ecobank Branch for further assistance.

  5. and which pin are they asking for?

  6. What is xpress account all about

  7. Leonard Otuepia

    When ever i used my little Samsung fone for transaction they always tell me my express account is insufficient, pls is not working for me too and what the express account is all about. Put me true

    1. Hi Leonard,
      You can visit the closest branch for assistance.

  8. Kar mirian wandoo

    The situation where by you lost the number used in receiving alert, what will you do ?

    1. Hi,
      Simply retrieve the line and get it activated again.

  9. My ATM pin it’s not working on the transfer phone mobile, any option ?

    1. Please visit the closest Ecobank to you for assistance.

  10. Pls, if i dont use ATM can i be using My small phone whch is USSD for transfer instead of going to bank to send money

    1. Yes you can use the USSD Code for transfers, you do not need ATM.

  11. How can i transfer from my eco account to another bank?

  12. I think you ought to spare a moment to clarify the express account issue before instructing we go to the nearest branch. The whole idea behind the online dealings in the first place I believe is to short circuit the frequency of bank visits/queueing I believe

  13. This is quite frustrating. Admin talks as if we don’t know we have bank branches we may visit. I am in agreement with @ipalibo. The point is defeated if after asking for a simple clarification here I am referred back to the bank. There is still a lot for the bank to do if simple crediting of a phone line requires one to go to the bank. Very soon our mumu go do oo.

  14. I am still asking. What is this PIN thing and what is this express account thing?

  15. Isaiah Atawheke

    Please, the mobile money PIN is not that of ATM. This PIN is given to you on registration, which you can easily change. It is a 6 digit PIN. To register, simply dial *326# and follow the on-screen instruction and you will com to the point where the PIN will be given to you.

    As for the Xpress Account, this is registered when using a mobile app not when registering a mobile number. Ecobank has mobile banking via App, which should be downloaded; and mobile banking via USSD( for ordinary phone. I hope this is helpful.

    1. Thank you Isaiah for this helpful information.

    2. Ezeokwelu Elochukwu

      Thank you very much, this is very helpful but I ve some questions, first of all, is there a restriction to the kind of phone that can be used.

      Then I was using voters I’d card, and when I am to put in the card number, I don’t know the number on the card to use, as soon as I start entering a number it will cancel, I will ve to start all over again, I ve almost tried all the number on the card
      I will appreciate a clarification

  16. please help me my online account in ECOBANK but when i put complete information and my account number and click the transfer botton so next option ( Transfer Authorization Cod ) so please give me this cod now please its argent because i want transfer my money in my local account so give me Authorization cod please ?

  17. please give me cod in my gmail account please send me my mail account i have argent cod help me my online account in ECOBANK but when i put complete information and my account number and click the transfer botton so next option ( Transfer Authorization Cod ) so please give me this cod now please its argent because i want transfer my money in my local account so give me Authorization cod please ?

  18. Ahmadu sadik Ibrahim

    Ecobank need to improve on their network. Because alot of customer is complaining about their service.

  19. How can I change my acct on disame number

  20. is not working for my own

  21. I don’t have an atm card is it possible for me to make transfer using the *326#

    1. Yes you can make transfer with the code.

  22. pls since I got an ATM card I have never used it and now I can’t remember my pin. the question is can I still transfer money with my phone?
    pls I need a help here

    1. You need to visit the closest EcoBank Branch to you for assistance.

  23. Chukwujekwu val

    Admin pls help me out….. Mine is telling me insufficient balance upon i stil hav money in my acct….. All d processes are working to d last bt d transfer is yet to b successful

  24. I am not able to get my money from transferred from my friend please do the needful to get my money

    1. I am sure by now you should have the fund in your account, if not the found would have be reversed.

  25. it keeps telling me to select account if i tried to do any transaction. any idea?

  26. it keeps telling me to select account if i tried to do any transaction. can you please tell me why?

  27. How can I performed cordless transaction

  28. Pls i forgot my mobile banking pin via ussd code.what do i need to do?

    1. Hi Bukola,
      You might need to visit the closest branch to you for pin reset

  29. I don’t have an ATM card and I don’t need can I use my phone for transfer

    1. Yes you can use your phone by following the short code as stated in the post.

  30. admin Sir,
    please, as an account holder at ecobank. Do I need to open xpress account before I can used USSD code on my phone? or just link my account number. kindly explain sir

    1. Mr Akintunde,
      You don’t necessarily need an xpress acct, just link you acct with your phone number which can be done at any Ecobank branch close to you.

  31. in mobile transfer how many pin did de need.i tink it is my atm pin?

  32. I can’t’s writing failure to fetch data but I can check my account balance and buy credit. what is the problem?

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