The Light House Cinema is a home for cinema located in Dublin. It offers a great environment made specially to make you feel the world in the cinema. If you enjoy going to the cinema, Light House Cinema is one of those you would probably love to see. They are known for showing the best of best Irish and international films.


The Light House Cinema has a number of unique programmes that makes them stand out among other cinemas across the world. These programmes include event cinema, parent and baby, schools programme, Grind house Dublin, Cinema book club, Hollywood Babylon as well as Light House shorts. These programmes has earned the Light House Cinema a lot of dignity.



The Light House Cinema Membership

The Light House Cinema has membership plans which you can take advantage of to lessen the ticket price and have some form of privileges. The membership plans include student, student+1, senior, senior+1, legend and legend+1. Your membership plan will determine your prices when paying for tickets for cinema, bar etc.



The Light House Cinema Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are best enjoyed at any level of the membership plans. For non members, the ticket prices can be grouped into two which are before 5pm and after 5pm. Please find below ticket prices for both times;

Adult:                        €9.50

Legend Member       €8.50

Student                     €7.00

Student Member      €6.50


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Senior                         €7.00

Senior Member        €6.50


Ticket prices after 5pm are:

Adult                        €11.00

Legend Member    €10.00

Student                    €8.50

Student Member   €8.00

Senior                      €8.50

Senior Member     €8.00

Please note that prices are subject to change based on the discretion of the management and for special events.



How To Book Movie Online And Make Payment Online

To book for a cinema online, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to the Light House Cinema website,
  2. Navigate to the book now section of the page, click on the drop down to select the movie of choice
  3. Next, select the date and the time from the drop down options
  4. Verify and click on find tickets
  5. It will then display the information about the movie, you may then select the category member that you fall into to make payment. If you are a registered member, you may login into your profile.
  6. Select the number of tickets
  7. Click on proceed to purchase the ticket
  8. A new page to enter your card details will come up where you can input your ATM card detail as requested.
  9. Enter your name as registered on the card and email address
  10. Verify all info provided and click to purchase ticket.
  11. Once it is successful, you will be provided with details that you can use at entry point for the movie.

Please note that verve cards are not acceptable. You can use master card, visa card and laser card. For further enquiries and assistance, you may forward an email to or through Twitter handle @LighthouseD7 as well as on Facebook


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