Multichoice, the owners of the popular satellite TV known as dstv launched the gotv pay TV few years back in Africa. The Gotv is a terrestrial digital TV service which doesn’t need a satellite dish or any formal installation.

GOtv Nigeria says “We takes pride in Africa’s local content and continues to reassure subscribers of more quality content and latest innovations that offer the best of digital TV experience”.



The Gotv Packages And Their Various Prices

The GOtv Nigeria, offers a list of 38 channels at most, and a minimum of 11 channels. This can be purchased at a price as low as N6,900. This package comes with a  GOtv decoder, an antenna, and 1-month free GOtv Plus subscription.


  1. Lite Plan

The Gotv Lite plan can be said to be the most affordable package of any digital pay tv. It cost as low as N400 per month which is calculated at  N13 per day, and N3,100 in a year.

This plan has 11 general channels and 6 local channels.


  1. Plus Plan

This package cost 1800 naira and has 38 general channels with an additional 7 local channels.


  1. Value Plan

This package cost 1200 naira and has 23 general channels with an additional 7 local channels.


In May 2017, MultiChoice announced that there would be a five percent increase in subscription rates.

This lead to a slight change in the GOtv Nigeria monthly subscription rates with the new prices as follows;

GOtv Plus – from ₦1,800 to ₦1,900

GOtv Value – from ₦1,200 to ₦1,300

GOtv Lite – from ₦400 to ₦450


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How To Make The Gotv Online Payment

There are several ways to pay for any of the packages online.

Then most reliable and recommended method is the use of QuickTeller.



How To Make Your Gotv Payment Using QuickTeller

  1. Switch on your decoder.
  2. Visit on your mobile or computer.
  3. Select the GoTV package you are paying for.
  4. Enter the IUC number of your decoder. This is located on the red sticker at the back of your decoder.
  5. Input your phone number and email address.
  6. Select ‘Next’ to proceed.

You will be redirected to the secure billing page.

  1. On this billing page, choose the type of debit card you are using to pay.
  2. Enter your card details correctly.
  3. Proofread the details to make corrections where necessary, and then Click on the ‘Pay’ button.

Once the payment is successful, your GoTV sub would be renewed and you can continue using it.

Note that the QuickTeller payment attracts a service fee of 100 Naira.




This is the most secure way to make payment for your Gotv online, and it works for any of the packages.

If you encounter any problem, be sure to contact the self service center or the customer’s care service.


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