Data usage across all ages has increased, everyone is now a customer of the Telecommunications. Both young and old are buying data for social media engagement, sending and receiving emails, file upload and download etc. Data plan comes in different sizes, validity and prices. In this piece, we shall take a look at N100 worth of data on the MTN network. Take your time to find out what you can do with N100 on MTN network.


MTN N100 Daily Data Plan

One of the data subscription you can enjoy for N100 on the MTN network is a daily plan which gives you 50MB worth of data. It is valid for 24 hours. To take advantage of this data offer, simply send 104 to 131 or dial *104# on active MTN number with sufficient airtime. You can as well subscribe via *123# or *131# self channels. This plan works across all devices but I must add that its not really a very good option for heavy data users. Note that it is autorenewable but you can opt out by sending NO104 to 131 after subscription.



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MTN N100 Daily Data Gifting

Interestingly, you can purchase this data plan as gift for someone. That means you can give someone this data plan as a gift at the same price. To do so, simply dial *131#, from the prompt choose option 7 for data gift. The next prompt will show you category of data plan, select daily and from the next prompt choose 50MB @ N100. Confirm the subscription and pay for it on the next prompt before providing recipient mobile number. With this steps, if successful you would have bought the N100 daily data plan for your friend.



Data Rollover And Data Balance

Note that you can rollover unfinished data by subscribing to the same data plan before your current one expires. This will add your unused data to the new subscription and then carry expiry date of the new one. To check data balance, please send 2 to 131 in an SMS and you will get your balance via a text message. You may also dial *131*4# for data balance.



Direct Bank Data Purchase

Please note that you can also buy this data plan directly from your bank account through *904#. You can even buy for friends and family via the same code. Just dial *904# and follow through the prompt. All you need is a well funded bank account linked to your MTN mobile number. That is, it must be the number on which you are receiving your transaction alert. Even if you use it for multiple bank accounts, it will ask you for the bank you wish to be debited for the transaction

If you have questions regarding the MTN N100 Daily Data Plan or channels of data recharge or the direct bank data recharge, please call customer service for free on your MTN mobile number via 180. You may as well visit any MTN office close to you for clarification.


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