The mobile technologies network (MTN) is the most used mobile network in Nigeria and it has the largest coverage. It originally has a slogan that shows it covers every nooks and crannies of the country, “MTN, everywhere you go”. Even as her customer base keep increasing, there is a need to understand her services more. Perhaps, its the reason for the increase.


MTN offers voice, SMS and data services for all her numerous customers. These services are available on all active MTN lines and are accessible at a fee based on your tariff plan. In this piece, we shall take a closer look at the available tariff plans on the MTN network with their charges and migration codes. Perhaps you may want to change yours after reading through.


Tariff plan is a platform that determines how much you are being charged for the primary services on your line. These services include call rate, SMS and sometimes your internet connection. On MTN network, there are several tariff plans that you can choose from based on your own interest. Some tariff plans favour more calls, some is internet data while some may offer more text messages. You just have to look through and select what’s good for you. To this end, below are the available tariff plans on MTN with their details;

MTN Pulse

On this tariff plan, you will charged 22k/s for your first N11 of the day. After that, you will be charged 11k/s. You get music streaming on music+ at N10 per day and happy hour browsing at N25 per night. You will get 100% data bonus on every purchase of 500MB. To migrate, send 406 to 131 or dial *406#.


MTN Biz Plus

On this tariff plan, you will be charged N5 access fee once you initiate your first call of the day. Call is at 11k/s after access fee. Dial *460*1# to migrate to MTN Biz Plus.

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MTN XtraSpecial

Calls on this tariff plan is charged at 15k/s. With this tariff plan, you will be able to call some international destination at a very low rate. You will get 7 days free subscription to EPL Video Service upon migration. To migrate, send 408 to 131 or dial *408# and press 1



MTN Biz Class

With this tariff plan, subscriber will be charged 13k/s. Dial *460*3# to migrate to MTN Biz Class.



MTN BetaTalk

This tariff plan has a charge rate of 42k/s bonus while it 45k/s from main balance. You will get 250% bonus for every recharge of N100 and above while you get 150% bonus for recharge lower than N100. You will also get 10MB per week upon recharge. To migrate, send BT to 131 or dial *123*2*6#.


MTN XtraValue

This plan charges 20k/s for calls. This tariff plan has its own different bundles. The bundles include N300 (send V300 to 131), N500 (send V500 to 131) and N1000 (send V1000 to 131). These bundles also offer international call at N39.6 per minute.  To migrate to this plan, dial *131*2#. You can check your bundle balance by dialling *559*61#



MTN XtraPro

On this tariff plan, you will be charged at 11k/s after a daily access fee of N5. If you don’t have up to N5 for the daily access fee, you will be charged 20k/s. Upon migration, you will get health tips for free for 7 days. To migrate, send 401 to 131 or dial *401# and press 1.


Things To Note

  1. Migration across tariff plans is only free once in 30 days. You will be charged N100 per migration in 30 days after the first one.
  2. SMS is charged N4 per SMS across the tariff plans whether sent within the network or not
  3. It is possible for you to be on old tariff plan and be charged accordingly but once you migrate out, you will not be able to migrate back.


For further enquiry, please call customer service representatives on 180 for free on your MTN line or visit a connect store or walk in center close to you.


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