The mobile technologies network (MTN) is at it again. MTN, known for her super bonuses and offers has added yet another great offer for her customers. This time around, the offer is not for all her customers but for the once upon a time customers. The offer this time is a massive one.


The people referred to as once upon a time customers are MTN line owners who have not used their line for any billable activity such as calls, SMS or internet connection within the last 45 to 180 days. So, if you have an MTN that you haven’t used within this stated days, that line has qualified you for this great offer.



What’s In The Offer

The offer comes with a 2000% bonus on your first recharge of the month. This will be made available for three (3) months. You can get this offer on a minimum of N100 recharge and maximum of N1000 recharge. Think about 2000% bonus of any amount you recharge even if its N100. It means you have more credit to call, send SMS and even browse.


Breakdown And Validity Of The Bonus

The 2000% bonus that follows the first recharge of the month can be used to make calls, send SMS and for pay as you surf. 500% of the bonus is allocated for calls and SMS to all networks while 1500% is allocated to internet browsing. The validity of the bonus depends on how much you recharge.


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The credit in the dedicated account is charged at N80 per minute while SMS remains N4. The credit in the main account will be charged based on your tariff plan. International calls and SMS can only be made from the main account and not with the bonus. You can check your bonus balance by dialling *559*65#.


Things To Note

  1. You will not have any amount in your main account, your bonus will be credited to Winback Bonus dedicated account.
  2. If you recharge via other means other than through logical PINs, you will get the bonus.
  3. The bonus is not for every recharge rather, it is for the first recharge of the month for three (3) months.
  4. If your first recharge of the month is less than N100, you will not be credited with the 2000% bonus but you will get any bonus that is applicable to your tariff plan.
  5. If your recharge is more than N1000, you will be credited the 2000% bonus on N1000 while the remaining amount will be credited to your main balance.
  6. The first recharge of the month for the bonus is calculated with 30 days interval. It means it is not necessarily the Calender date.
  7. The amount you used to acquire your first month recharge will not be used to get the second and third. You can only get for second and third month with N100 only. If you recharge more, you will be credited with the remaining amount in your main account.
  8. The bonus doesn’t affect your tariff plan and you can change your tariff plan if you want to.
  9. You won’t get the bonus four (4) months after you received the SMS offer.


With this, its time to search for that MTN SIM card and take advantage of this 2000% bonus.

For further enquiry, please call customer service agent on 180 and they will help you through.


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