Telkom Kenya is one of the major telecommunications in Kenya offering both voice and data packages at affordable rates. The telecoms giant is owned and managed by both Helios Investment Partners (60%) and Government of Kenya (40%). It was established in 1999 with her headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya


The Telkom Kenya offers her service on two broad planes which are prepay and postpay. Your line will definitely be on either of the two. Below is a detailed information on both.


Telkom Kenya PrePay

The Telkom Kenya prepay has three bundles which include Holla, Holla plus and Holla premium.

On Holla bundles, with Ksh 9, you will get 40 minutes Telkom to Telkom Calls, 40 SMS for all networks, 10 MB worth of Data and KSh 3 to call other Networks. This is really a cool bargain if you ask me. It is valid for 24 hours.

On Holla Plus, you get free unlimited Telkom to Telkom calls, unlimited SMS for all networks, 20MB with 30MB data worth, Ksh 1.8 to call other networks and it valid for 24 hours. All of these with just Ksh 19.

On Holla Premium, with Ksh 49, you will get free unlimited Telkom to Telkom calls, free unlimited SMS for all networks, 100MB with 100MB data worth, Ksh 1.8 to call other networks and it valid for 3 days.

To enjoy any of these bundles, please dial *10# and follow the prompt to choose your choice.


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Telkom Kenya PostPay

On Telkom Kenya PostPay, you have access to enjoy Ongea packages which are of two types. One cost Ksh 1000 and the other cost Ksh 3000. The both package offers on-net and off-net calls at Ksh 2 and Ksh 3 respectively. Ksh 3 for a megabyte of data.

The normal postpay line is charged at Ksh 2 and Ksh 3 for both on-net and off-net calls respectively. The SMS is charged at Ksh 1 per SMS while data is charged at Ksh 4.

The Postpay line may also be on closed user groups (CUG) for corporate bodies. There is also a package called icontrol in which postpay line can manage their cost between Ksh 1000 and Ksh 100000.

To register a postpay line, you will need PIN certificate, national ID and application form.


Telkom Kenya Data Bundles

The data bundles available on Telkom Kenya include daily, weekly, monthly, XL and 90 days packages.

The daily packages include 15MB at KSh 9, 40MB at KSh 19, 100MB at KSh 39, 400MB at KSh 49 and XL Daily 400 MB at KSh 49.

The weekly data plans include 20MB at KSh 19, 80MB at KSh 49, 200MB at KSh 99, 500MB at KSh 199, and two XL Weekly which are 2 GB at KSh 249 and 12 GB at KSh 990.

The monthly data bundles include 150MB at KSh 99, 400 MB at KSh 199, 1.5GB at KSh 499, 4GB at KSh 999, 6GB at KSh 1,499, 10GB at KSh 1,999 and 20GB at KSh 2,999.

The XL data plans include XL Monthly 6 GB at KSh 990, XL Monthly at KSh 2,990 and

100 GB at KSh 8,999.

To enjoy these data bundles and choose the one of your choice, please dial *544# and follow the prompt.


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