Access Bank is a Nigerian commercial bank founded in 1989. The bank became listed on the Nigerian stock exchange market in 1998. The bank later acquired intercontinental bank in the early millennium. The bank is headquartered in Lagos with several branches nationwide. Although the bank is not really noised about but it certainly has a strong financial capacity.


More importantly in this piece, we are considering access Bank domiciliary account and all that concerns it. If this is what you are looking for, please read through carefully. We’ve got you covered. Happy reading!


What Is Access Bank Domiciliary Account?

Access Bank Domiciliary Account is a bank account opened and operated with foreign currency such as Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Yen etc. It means a bank account opened through Access Bank in which you can send, receive and transact in foreign currency via it. This is the choice for anyone into or intending to go into international business.


Features Of Access Bank Domiciliary Account

The Access Bank Domiciliary Account comes with wonderful features some of which include;

  1. No monthly maintenance fee
  2. No minimum daily balance
  3. No minimum daily withdrawals
  4. Visa Debit Card offer
  5. Customized cheque book upon request
  6. It also offers Interest rate of 0.01% per annum for 100,000 (GBP, USD, Euro) and above.


Gtb Domiciliary Account: How To Open, Fund The Account With Requirements And The Charges On Transactions

Requirements For Access Bank Domiciliary Account

There are few things you will need to prevent before you can be allowed to open a domiciliary account in Access Bank. These requirements include;

  1. You need $100, £100 or Euro 100 opening balance
  2. A valid mode of identification such as voter’s card, driver’s license, national ID, birth certificate, international passport etc.
  3. Two (2) recent passport photographs
  4. Two (2) referees who most have current account with Access Bank
  5. Utility bill in the last three months as prove of residential address or duly filled banker’s confirmation or statement of account.
  6. Duly executed indemnity form



How To Open Access Bank Domiciliary Account

Once you have been able to source for all the requirements needed, next is to visit any Access Bank branch close to you and make your intention known at customer service desk. You will be provided forms to fill. Take the forms home and fill with care to prevent mistakes. Once well and duly filled, return to the bank. You will get an alert once the account has been opened for you.



How To Fund Access Bank Domiciliary Account

The Access Bank domiciliary account once opened can be funded in few ways which may  include;

  1. By direct bank deposit
  2. By traveller’s cheque
  3. By cash inflow
  4. By lodging of foreign currency cheque


Charges On Access Bank Domiciliary Account

There are really no charges attached to the access Bank domiciliary  account. The only charge known is in cash handling charge of 0.5% on withdrawals. This is more better than those of other banks.


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