Friendly customer service is one of the reason Nigerians prefer to open bank account with guaranty trust bank plc. (GT Bank). Unlike other commercial bank in Nigeria, GT banks customer service department are very friendly and has made the bank to grow rapidly across every major cities in Nigeria, they have simply become the banks most valued assets.


Thanks to the 21st century technology which has made GT bank a major player in the Nigerian banking sector with lots of technologically enhanced banking products and services. Some of GT banks products and services are GT cash collection implants, GT swift mailer, ATM, POS, sms banking services and many more.


Guaranty trust bank plc. is an innovative banking institution that has grown to become one of the biggest banks in not just in Nigeria alone, but across all of Africa. GT bank has a total asset of over 5 billion dollars, with revenues crossing the 500 million dollars mark and with their friendly customer services, GT bank is indeed the bank to bank with in Nigeria.


GT bank offers varieties of account types that ranges from saving account to current account. We will show you how to open an account with GT bank the Africa’s finest banking institution, and less than 10 minutes, your account will be opened.



How To Open A GT Bank Account

  1. Visit any GT bank branch close to you, go to the customer service area
  2. Tell the customer service staff that you want to open an account
  3. Collect the account opening form from the customer service staff
  4. Carefully fill out and complete the form with your personal details
  5. Make sure that the contact address you use matches that of your utility bill
  6. You can direct all your questions to the customer service staff if you are confused about anything, they can even assist you in case you can’t write properly
  7. You can then submit the completed form to the customer service staff
  8. Once your account have been opened, you will get an alert notifying you about your new GT bank account details

Please note that you must not use your home address to open the account with GT bank, you can use your office or business address as long as the address correspond with your utility bill and can be verifiable.


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Requirements For GT Bank Account Opening

Form Of Identity

It is very normal for them to ask for identifiable ID card such as national ID, valid driver’s license, international passport or voter’s card.


A Proof Of Address

This should be in the form of utility bill that the address should also correspond to the one you will fill during your account with GT bank. Please note that the utility bill should not be older than 3 month. The utility bill document that are accepted in GT bank account opening can be either PHCN bill, rent receipt or your water bill.


Passport Photograph

You are required to come along with 1 to 2 coloured passport photograph that has a clear background with your face showing clearly.


Two Referees

This however will depend on the kind of account you want to open. You won’t need this if you are opening a savings account, but for those who would like to open a current account, you will need to provide 2 referees.


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